View Full Version : New effect?

Doug Kelley
12-21-2007, 04:30 PM
My wife had a nightmare the other night about a hole opening up in a cave and swallowing her. Never mind the analysis on the dream!

It got me thinking. Assuming there is nothing new under the sun, has anyone tried to do the "endless hallway" illusion as a bottomless pit? When someone steps on the pit in a dark room, it lights up. There could also be sound and wind to enhance the effect. I'm thinking it would make an excellent distraction scare for about 1/2 second prior to hitting the customer with the main scare...


Jim Warfield
12-21-2007, 05:14 PM
I once painted a flat black "hole" in the floor right where everyone usually walked with the lights "on", and this caused much consternation among many people.
Painting that hole is a pretty cheap way to go..unless it becomes real and is a bottomless pit and keeps sucking up all the paint that you can pour into it!
My grandmother was very terrified and serious when she warned me about exploring the wine cellar of this house, "There's a bottomless pit in that room! Don't go in there!"
I've owned the house almost 20 years, haven't found it as of yet........
The right look, tone of voice, way of presenting yourself (hinting at owning some of them thare smartz!) bend the truth, sprinkle truth among the exagerations to stimulate their minds and scaring them becomes locked in, it's going to happen!