View Full Version : Haunting Idea and an UPDATE!

Mr. Haunt
12-25-2007, 08:47 PM
Back about 4 years ago, a local Jaycees group did a very popular haunt. The haunt consisted of the use of an underground cave.

I had been to it a couple of times, and it was pretty cool!

Unfortunately for them they had to close do to a new requirement from the good old Fire Marshal. They were required to add another exit to the haunt before they could open. Needless to say they tried and tried, but were not able to build a second exit. During their work to get a second exit, they had a small cave in toward the entrance of the cave. This was also a bad issue for them. So after 23 years of haunting they closed.

I thought about contacting them to try and get a new haunt going.
I have a good friend that I work, with who is in the plans of opening a restaurant with a large banquet room. He said that I could use his banquet room for my haunt, or maybe giving the Jaycees an opportunity to haunt again at this location.


But other then that, it looks like that I may have found my location. Things are slowly falling into place. My good friend wants to haunt with me as well. He is just as passionate about haunting as I am, and he has owned previous business, so this is a plus. Another piece of information, he is working close with SCORE as well.

As you know, restaurants have high requirements for fire codes, so having all the correct amenities will not be an issue. Plus with the banquet room, there should be enough parking.

Now if I can only find some funding to get the ball rolling! LOL!


Jim Warfield
12-25-2007, 11:18 PM
Go for it! A Haunted Restaurant with banquet food and Zombie waitresses!
"Food fight!"
The candied eyeballs would fly! Guts from a Zombie named "Betty" that look alot like spaghettii!
Turn the lights down low to give the fungus a chance to grow!
Dead-Thing Pie!
Yellow-mellow cust-turd dripping from a dead dog's eye!
And the Vampire girl waitresses all want to "Neck" with you in the backseat in the parking lot where they parked their coffin.
It would be quite the social scene!
A cover charge would only apply if they closed the coffin lid on you. Extra charge for nailing it shut.

Mr. Haunt
12-26-2007, 11:02 AM
This gives me an idea!

Thanks Jim


Jim Warfield
12-27-2007, 03:08 AM
That's OK. Just send my accountant 5% of the gross and we will call it even.
Please remit all payments to: Mister Tuxedo Whole Fingers And Toes Accounting
411 North Careless Street
Muck Carroll, Illinoids

"Mister Tuxedo never has to remove socks, shoes or gloves to tally -up, because he never bothers to put any of them on."
(His Twitching tail adds too!)