View Full Version : Haunted house unit for sale!

12-30-2007, 02:16 AM
3200 sq.ft unit up for sale over 80,000.00 dollars invested and used for 2 seasons.
Insain Asylum haunted house
The facade was custom built by Distortions and cost of the facade alone was close to 10,000.00 dollars
This unit is themed of a old rusted Prison
Complete with everything!
12 animations alone!
1)vibrating shocker floor -Distortions
2)life support talking head -Distortions
3)bolt frankenstein- Distortions
4)attacking dog -GEP
5)It's not brain surgery-Unit 70
6)tolet water blaster
11)vibrating shaking barrel
12)drop spider
All wall panels, All art work panels, chain link maze,electric scene,labritory scene, warrden scene,blue prints for easy set up, and much more!
unit 70 studios bodies and props.
Scenic light, sound system, electric harness, back up lights, emergency lights.air line and a air compressor to run all of the items!
This unit also comes with a 48' semi trailer!
Everything need! This unit can be set up in just 3 days!
The only reason we are selling this unit is that we are updating our event with 4 new haunted houses and selling off this unit!
I will take for a fast sale 35,000.00 dollars!
Also my wifes family owns a trucking company and can arrange to have this trailer delivered anywere in the US. for a fair price!
unit is pack and ready to sale!
here are a few pictures.
If interested or need more information you can email me at