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damon carson
01-03-2008, 06:45 PM
Correct me if Im wrong but the Vinician owned by the Sands and the Sands Expo Center is connected to that? So wouldnt everyone stay at the Vinician or Harrahs I guess cause its right next door. I used to live in Las Vegas but that was back in 97. I was in Vegas last in 2001. My aunt lives there. Im just trying to find out more info because im considering going this year. Even though its not in Chicago. But it would be nice to visit my family while im going to see Transworld as well. Been trying to call my Aunt but she is never home. Always working and on the go. Anyway any info is appreciated. Plus has anyone had trouble registering this year since its in a new place.

Jim Warfield
01-03-2008, 10:14 PM
My Great Uncle had a gambling casino/restaurant/bar right after world War Two, he was a smart guy, made lots of money, he modified his "One-Armed-Bandits" to make them turn a bigger profit, he installed an extra "arm" on each one so it was a "Two-Armed-Bandit', the way it worked was when the customer pulled the old arm and lost, the new arm came around and slapped them right off the chair!
The rest of their money usually fell from their pockets into the big, hungry open floor register grates ducted right down to the basement counting table.
One night a loser from Chicago ripped a machine loose, and carried it out to his car, threw it in the backseat and drove away.
That machine let him get up to speed then put it's arms over the driver's eyes and asked, "Guess who?"
The crash made it very easy for the Police to make the arrest.

01-04-2008, 05:37 AM
The Venetian is somewhere around $100/night more expensive so I don't see that becoming a haunters home.

01-04-2008, 06:53 AM
I was thinking that as well, the Venetian is a nice place and I'm sure pretty expensive....

It's been years since I've been to Vegas, so is the convention being held in the middle of the strip? I thought the Venetian was at about the centerpoint, or close to it?


Jim Warfield
01-04-2008, 08:11 AM
Mister Tuxedo's Sleep-Over Rental Dumpster will NOT be available in Vegas, sorry.
So quit sending him checks! Pay for a real motel/hotel!

Matt Marich
01-05-2008, 07:07 AM
This hotel has just undergone a major re-do and is really expensive, $ 279.99 a night, such a bargin! We are staying at our old faithful the Orleans. It's down a aways and off the strip but is only $ 89.00 a night from VegasHotels.com.

Edge Designs
This year, our booth really blows...,

01-05-2008, 11:59 AM
Hey MATT! Call Me ..........

damon carson
01-05-2008, 12:34 PM
Well Im sure its not cheap! It is Las Vegas and it is a major theamed hotel. Ive seen it in person! Everyone will soon learn this years Trans World will be much more expensive than it ever was goin to Chicago. If the price of the hotel doesnt get you the slots will! LOL!

01-05-2008, 01:21 PM
Come on Baby!, cherry cherry cherry alrighty then looks like its the Harrahs for BodyBag Entertainment!

damon carson
01-07-2008, 06:32 PM
I think it sucks Transworld starts on a Sunday! What kinda B.S. is that?! Didnt it always open on a Friday in Chicago? Personally I liked in Chicago. At least that was driving distance for me. This year I got to fly if I want to go.

01-07-2008, 07:28 PM
Now you'll learn what those of us in California went through every year. At least in Las Vegas, the airport doesn't get snowed in.

01-07-2008, 08:01 PM
Most of the people complaining about Vegas have never had to fly to get to transworld. And yes Chicago is way more expensive. We had to pay for too more nights due to the snow.

01-08-2008, 04:23 AM
Transworld Chicago was literally a 4 hour drive for us, Had it been in chicago again we would have been able to go all out, but it doesnt matter, Its in Vegas, and now we get to chalk it up as our furthest event from home.

RJ Productions
01-08-2008, 06:25 PM
I think it sucks Transworld starts on a Sunday! What kinda B.S. is that?! Didnt it always open on a Friday in Chicago?

After some lenghty talks with TW we as Haunters have to realize that many of the changes are what's good for the ENTIRE show, not just our segment. Remember we are a small part of the overall show, the coolest part no doubt!

Many of the participants go to the show as part of their "real" job. Their work week in Mon-Fri. so the show is during "work hours". Hotel rates are cheaper during the week to accomodate business. Weekend is PLAY time!

CES the largest Electronics show in the world started in Vegas this week....
it goes MONDAY through THURSDAY!

TW is just getting in line with every other major show.

While Haunting is FUN it is still and foremost a BUSINESS. Those of us involved must do so accordingly. I worked a full time job AND my Haunt for years. I took vacation time, sick leave or time without pay to attend the TW show. It was a cost of doing business.

While Chicago was close for alot of haunters, it was a major inconvienance for the rest of the vendors and participants. Weather was a huge factor. Also there was not much room to grow at Rosemont. Outside activities wee almost nill. Vegas solves all of those problems.

Those of us on the West Coast have paid the airfares, suffered through the snow and slush, paid $25 a day to park, ate "cardboard" pizza because no restaurant was open, and worst of all suffered through "last call"!!! It's our turn now.

It here, it's staying, so let's enjoy it!!! It's VEGAS!

damon carson
01-08-2008, 08:07 PM
Rich dont get me wrong, I think its cool Transworld is in Vegas this year. I used to live there. And part of my family lives there as well. Its just getting used to some of the changes of the show compaired to past years. Chicago had its advantages and disadvantages for all. But we all have great memories from past shows ect. Despite weather. Im looking forward to seeing your trailer haunts. And celebrating St. Patricks day in Vegas. Im Irish so thats cool it falls in the same week.
Take care,