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01-03-2008, 11:21 PM
I wanted to share an idea I'm working on with other haunt owners. There is a great thread going on called "Why no new vendors". This prompted me to create a new post on my new idea.

Since most large haunts have multiple businesses like I do, I encourage them to think about what I have decided to do. We have the infrastructure in place already to do the marketing, accounting, and all the other aspects of running a business I thought it would make sense to utilize these resources to retain our team of talented artists year round.

The idea came to me when our team created a full body suit that blew my mind this past October. I had never seen anything like it before; the guests were just as impressed.

Our artists are basically looking for work between Halloween and the start of our build season. So it made sense to me to come up with a business plan targeting the limited haunt market. If we could make enough high quality full body costumes in the off season to keep them busy through the off season I could not only provide them with a paycheck but more importantly retain them year round.

Being a buyer at Transworld for many years I wanted to overcome some of the pitfalls, one of not getting my products when promised or worse never! The issue of not getting the same quality of product as I seen at the show once it arrived at my door. So we are bringing to Vegas a stock of 20 suits for sale on the show floor. I also wanted to provide a product of such high quality and detail that any haunter would realize to go home and make this product themselves would be a huge investment of time. We all seen a great idea at Transworld then the next year someone else come up with the same idea for less. That is overcome by keeping the quality and detail extremely high, there is no magic in most products, you get what you pay for.

Since we are not relying to make a living year round on the sale of this product, I feel we as haunt owners have a unique opportunity to bring to market high quality products created during the off season for the haunt industry. I encourage all the haunt owners that have some of the most talented people working for them part time to think about utilizing your haunt resources and possibly creating a new vendor for this amazing industry. We are already accustomed to taking risks, why not do it with a passion in the off season? If I'm way off, then I risk not making my investment back. However, I will have a stock of the most amazing costumes I could ever want for my haunt. LOL

I would like to hear what you think of this idea; my hopes would be that the haunts with the resources bring to market new and exciting products.

Jim Warfield
01-03-2008, 11:50 PM
I wanted to make some "Haunted Empty Beer Cans" for use in my parking lot to worry and distract the drunks.
This would be a complimentary product to the Invisible Voice making sexual remarks to the drunks as they stagger over to pee over the bluff in the dark at the edge of the parking lot.
Count them as they lose their balance and roll down the steep hill,(through their own urine!) count the too-quick retractions as emergency rooms have to patch up male body parts prematurely zipped in a big hurry! Some Fun!