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01-11-2008, 07:49 PM

The Haunting and Holiday Seasons are over and I am finally settled into my new home!

Several weeks ago one of my partners and I attended a Haunted House auction in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. During that time we had the opportunity to catch up with some old friends while bidding on some unique props that drew us to the Auction.

During the day we got to talking with Chad from Fright Fest in Nashua, New Hampshire. It turned out that Tim Dunne the owner (and one of the winners of The Haunted Mansion dream job contest) was flying back from a reunion in California during the auction.

Chad had asked Kenrick, Leonard and I if we would like to see the Haunt later that evening and we all were very happy to say yes! (Are you kidding me? A chance to see a Haunt in the middle of winter? We were all very excited about the opportunity)

If you are ever in the neighborhood of Nashua, New Hampshire do yourself a favor and check out Fright Fest! These guys put on one hell of a Haunt, the queue line area is incredible and the Haunts are very detailed and laid out in a way to maximize every scare! You actually start out in area walking between glass aquariums filled with live tarantulas and centipedes (I believe Tim breeds them) It was a very cool and creepy way to transition you from the outside of the Haunt to the inside.

All of the scenes were incredible and the lighting was top notch. They have a lot of talent involved with the Haunts and we were able to see a lot of the artwork, sculpting, and design work that went on behind the scenes. Timís Haunt is also one of the cleanest Haunted Attractions I have ever visited! I complimented on that fact all evening (Iím just a big fan of clean work areas hehe)

This post is long overdue but I just wanted to thank Tim his wife and Chad for being so hospitable and showing us around their amazing Attraction. I hope we get to see you guys at some of the conventions and I definitely look forward to visiting again this Fall!

Take care,

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