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01-19-2008, 04:41 PM
What draw you into the haunting industry?

As nights become long, masks become hot, and throats become sore, what keeps you going?

01-19-2008, 04:55 PM
You know for me it started out as just a fun hobby. Then after my 3rd year working in the haunt industry I started with helping the Construction of the scenes and Now I look at it like it was my child I would do anything to help it. Including not taking a job offer that required me to move to Cali. I live in Ohio. So its official IM HOOKED So even in 130 degree inside Temp or during the summer the 110 degree on the water temp I still keep going and going. I'm like the energizer Bunny

Jim Warfield
01-19-2008, 11:27 PM
When I was a little kid in the mid to late 1950's (yes I am that old!) it all began as sort of an "ego" thing of being able to scare or similarly influence the other kids.
We all watched the horror movies of that day and they all usually had sort of final, happy endings, no blood , guts, or nightmare creating scenes just alot of wonder and anticipation which is also good stimulating entertainment for young minds as we would ponder and discuss strange horror stories and science fiction concepts all fueled by the latest amazing actual scientific discoverys!
Just ten years previous the good old USA showed the world the quick way to end world wars and atomic powered cars and airplanes would soon be commonplace and used by everyone, they told us, they just built a very successful atomic submarine afterall!
My energy and desire to push myself to keep going in my haunted house is still fueled by my need to stimulate and entertain people, strangers, usually.
I discovered a long time ago that to simply scare someone is not what I like to do. I like to startle or scare them but only if I also attain the supreme satisfaction of making them then laugh about it (no harm, no foul)
I have met Way too many people who will NEVER enter something referred to as a "Haunted House" because of a trauma caused from either a haunt when they were young or some other event in their lives usually at the hands of a close relative taking unnatural joy in their genuine marrathon like screaming.
It can also still be an "ego" thing seeing total strangers respond to my words and ideas , responding just as I inteneded them to respond. Maybe this makes me a puppet master? What an ego-feed this is!
Got to watch your ego it will lead you right over the edge with a very hard landing at the bottom. Very embarrassing too, usually.
Many seasons ago I consciously decided to make a tour of this house very "Jim-Intensive" because I am the person that has thought of and created and built 98% of it all (I'm a little "god-like"? Beware! Your god has feet of clay!" they smell funny too!)
Being "Jim-Intensive" also thwarts copying to a great degree, although some people have copied some of the things here , even things that I say or do, but I am confident that nobody will ever even want to copy most of it, it's too labor-intensive to build and to keep giving such house tours for almost everyone out there, as far as I have so far determined, at least, anyway.
As far as the physical and discomfort level of it all? I was a high school sports participant learning to push yourself beyound what you think you can do, then as a working adult, hard labor , long hours were always the norm for me, sweat, dirt and difficulties also were the norm, along with long hours the was the martyrdom of low wages, so you see I have been there and done it all, all of my life, pretty much.
Nothing "New".

01-19-2008, 11:43 PM
The first time I volunteered to help with a school haunted house I found that I loved scaring people! I've analyzed it closely and I can't find anything deeper than that. It's fun, and they love it too.