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RJ Productions
01-21-2008, 12:55 AM
Question on an email message post was what temperatures can you expect at the TW show in Vegas?

Typically it is in the upper 60's to low 70's during the day.
Evening can drop into the low 40's (but it's warm in the showrooms & bars!)

Here's a link:

Web site for the Tour should be functional this week.
Click N Print will also be active soon!

Here's the link:

I'll post when it's active. Any other Vegas questions?

ViVa Haunt Vegas!!


01-21-2008, 02:15 AM
Heya Rich, not sure if its really a vegas question, but Im a lil concerned about driving thru the mountains ....sure would hate to get caught in a march mudslide rockslide late season avalance and wiped out, there would be Blood Guts gore and more all over the place it would take weeks to sort out whats real and whats fake.....