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The HorrorTeller
01-22-2008, 04:22 PM
I would like to introduce a new show to all you haunted house , haunted forest,
haunted hayride and dark entertainment owners. Its called:
The Horror-Teller Show.
This show can handle 300 guests per hour or two shows each hour. Do the math and see what it can do for you.
It can be used outside or inside.
It has the potential admission fee of $ 8.00 and up depending on how you use it.
Your guests will be coming back for more each season.
The show has a special dark twist..a secret if you will, and guests will soil themselves. How do I know all this? I am the creator of this new show and have used it at my own haunted attraction for many years.
It works!
I've used it indoors and outdoors.
I am a Master Horror-Teller.
Any questions contact me or post I'd be happy to answer them for you.
Thank you.

01-22-2008, 05:42 PM
Alright, I'll bite. I've read your post and been to your website...but I don't get it. It seems to me that you are kinda hiding any detail about what this thing is. If it's as great as you say, why not promote the crap out of it. If you want people to be interested and buy (I assume this is something you want to sell) this show, you have to give out the information we need. Right now, it seems to me like you have a live person telling a ghost story in a tent with, maybe, (I'm guessing now) an air cannon that goes off at just the right time to scare them at the end of the story.

That's my best guess from what I've seen. If I'm missing it, please elaborate. I think we all are interested in new things. It's what the industry thrives on.

The HorrorTeller
01-22-2008, 07:00 PM
Thank you for the questions.
You are definitely missing it.
What has taken us years to develope into a well choreographed show shouldn't be dismissed as a mere telling of a ghost story.

There is so much more involved. The Story itself is the backbone of the production.
Everything else centers around the story.
Your horror-Teller will either do one of two things...make the show or hurt your reputation.
Are you willing to risk your haunted attractions reputation on a guess?

Just because I've figured out the pieces to a puzzle, does not mean that i would try to put it together with out seeing the whole picture on the box .

I am introducing The Horror-Teller Show as a new concept for the haunted entertainment industry for the owners to achieve success, by not having to second guess how to do it or fumble though it like I did to perfect it.
A step by step process from the ground floor, up.
Like any good book the ending should never be divulged. Its for the reader to learn for himself.


01-22-2008, 07:15 PM
Forgive us if we are skeptical, but you are way too vauge for any of us to get excited. Perhaps you ar afraid of exposing too much of your idea in fear that someone will steal the idea. We are also hesitant to drop money in case said idea will not work in our market or that we might get taken for a ride. Not that that EVER happens with vendors in the haunt industry...LOL

The HorrorTeller
01-22-2008, 08:40 PM
Another good fair statement and a good point.
However, I have a reputation at stake.
This is only the first of my shows I plan on bringing forth to the haunted entertainment industry and tho you don't know me squat from Adam, I plan on being around a long, long time. To become someone you can trust, to help you
achieve success with my shows.
I do not take that statement lightly either.
Thats why there is also The Secret Society Of The Horror-Teller so that once you have purchased the book we, The Master Horror-Tellers are there for guidence.
Yes, this show is new and with all new things come fear of the unknown.
The book saves you time and money...you don't have to guess what to do.
You will learn what a Horror-Teller is, what he has to do and the why. You will learn how to set up the event, how to get into the guests minds even before the show begins and the grand finale that'll have your guests screaming for more.
Yes, you could steal the idea...but would it be done right?


Greg Chrise
01-22-2008, 09:33 PM
If I could make $50 an hour on the phone, $20 per email and $3600 for two days seeing them in person, for telling people how to do things, I would have collected 10 years worth of income and would have crashed a million dollars by now. I would have spawned Franchises where their personal coach gets $10 and I get $10 just because of my personal reputation and I would buy hundreds of robots to go forth into the world and spray gaffitti on buildings and sidewalks denouncing the man.

I'd get another cat, have a cushy office chair in a big underground facility and when they called, If they could get through the phone questions and push all the right responces, they would be talking to someone in India. I would have a 150 inch screen on the cave wall with global maps of where all the $10 hits were coming from. I would have a button to push that makes an evil laugh.

You must be the PHONE COMPANY of HORROR

I'm off now to create the text message of death. The horror of something unsolicited vibrating in your pants! That'll be $20

Jim Warfield
01-22-2008, 10:49 PM

Only "solicited" vibrating in My Pants...I can't speak for Mr. Tuxedo though.
Where do we send all of our money?

Yes, nothing beats telling a good ghost story to your haunt customers I have been doing this since day-one. (20 years)
I had to force myself to watch the tapes from my front room to bring my ego back down to earth, having control over all those people sitting there , making them scream ,laugh, scream again , laugh all in the short period of a mere ten minutes! Whata way to introduce them to my house! ("Watch that ego! watch the ego!")
Best of luck selling a mystery product to the "Choir" . I wouldn't sign the papers for the new Ferrarri just yet.....

01-23-2008, 01:41 AM
Very vague in his responces and goes around quetions without answering them. Sneeky!! or Shady!! you pick

The HorrorTeller
01-23-2008, 03:13 AM
If I have learned anything over the many years as a haunter it has to be that there are skeptics and believers in the world.

As to nightmares response : I have been neither shady or sneeky as at the website all pricing has been listed and laid out in front of you all, if I were either of the above -I wouldn't have disclosed that information to the public to view. And my gender is not one of a he.
At the main website-if you read it does say what this show is about. But you have to be willing to read.

As to Jims response I would have to agree that a story of Horror does give the guests a thrill to remember. Jim, I would really be interested in seeing a tape of you in action...perhaps to compare notes and see if your preformance is all it can be? Even just to discuss further one on one about your show its nice to know someone else knows something about this type of event.

And as for Greg... Not in it to be rich, ultimate goal here is to get folks to think outside the box. To expose them to something new to offer to their guests.
To teach something valuable that they will be able to use for many years once they learn the how and why its done this way.

and as for signing the papers for a ferrarri..well, I'm a old beater pick-up type of gal who loves traveling down a dusty country road or baha-ing in the mud!

I cannot sing to the choir if they are deaf.

Gore Galore
01-23-2008, 07:04 AM

Keep on plugging.
Something a little more concrete to understand your concept maybe helpful. An applied example.

The HorrorTeller
01-23-2008, 10:44 AM
As per Mr. Gore's suggestion I have decided to let you have a listen to one of our stories in the audio C/D series. This audio is strickly to promote the voice training technique of The Horror-Teller.
It is not one of our scary versions of stories but a audio voice enhancer that once you've read the book will help you to understand how it works.

And Jim, since I have put this out for all to hear...I challenge you to do the same.

AND, if those of you who posted prior would take the time to acknowledge what you thought of it...well, that would be nice.

Heres the link:


Greg Chrise
01-23-2008, 12:29 PM
It reminds me of few programs/presentations I have reviewed as a customer even here in Texas, where the attention span might be about 3.5 seconds. Once they blurt out How Ya'll Doin it was really the end of the conversation for most.

In all fairness one snippet does not begin to translate inflection, key words and attention from an audience. Frankly your pricing schedual is proper for a product with so much time invested.

This particuar character reminds me of two peformances I have seen in a haunt environment. One was along a wooded trail In central Texas where even young children passing the path saying nothing and looking at the customers was quite charming. Then you come upon the shed where an old witch has a campfire and begins to tell you your choices in the path at this point. This may have been 3 minutes.

The second character this reminds me of was in Chicago, Illinois but rather than saying much proceeded to provide action with limited dialog. When someone presented a ticket, she would say Thankyou and eat the ticket they had given. She would make very large men stop in their tracks and go where ever she said. With out any provocation she would come stand next to another actor and begin to eat their hair or take things from their upper pockets and eat them. She ended up on the snack bar eating things like a starving cave woman might.

The later I was able to watch and laughed hysterically for 45 minutes, I might have been in love. The former, story telling scenario had me lose attention many times as this might actually be an inconvienience. Perhaps it was the performer, the timing or placing this spooky character in the wrong pace of the entire event. Or perhaps I have some mental condition that limits me to this similar 3.5 second attention span so common these days and I had no choice but to move to Texas.

There is nothing that can rightfully be said against your product. It is a choice. I will however expand on Jim's comment. One becomes part of the choir to avoid the collection plate yet still come to the festivities. Many of us have been singing for 30 plus years with only figuring out where the church was for the last decade. It is hard to fathom that there is something new, although there might be. This product might work wonders for those begining their 50 year scary journey.

Further, Jim's all year long seminar in Mount Carroll Illinois is close enough for you to see yourself for only $12 a person. Similarly it would not necessarily hold up in snippet form perhaps as the one on one presence is mandatory.

I guess I must say thankyou very much for sharing. I'm thinking your market is finding those just starting out as actors.

As far as credibility issues, epecially on the Internet, I would prefer your sight contain actual contact information, general location and such to be a more tranparent true business offer. If this has been produced in a haunt, there should perhaps be reference to this event. Wether the event is or was a tremendous success is irrelavent. Just having an identity beyond being an author is as important as that one on one attention hold in acting.

For long term success, you will have to study your new site or forum a bit to see if it might be recieved well, as opposed to Joining in Jan 2008 and pounding out the offer to get rich quick for only $59. Pehaps over time this will also be irrelivant.

Greg Chrise
01-23-2008, 12:32 PM
should certainly be worth $20 pay to my pay pal account.

01-23-2008, 01:23 PM
Well, first let me say thanks for giving us something more to mull over. The audio that you offered is interesting, but I still fail to see the potential for a major attraction here. You made a statement before "Like any good book the ending should never be divulged. Its for the reader to learn for himself." I agree with you, but every book I have bought gives me a good idea of the story from the back cover. It still seems like (and I mean no disrespect by this) that you are essentially selling a method of telling a dramatic story. And maybe that is it and that's fine. But, if it's more than that, you are going to have to explain it better to us. Give us a synopsis or something. Here's a great for instance...We sell blood paint and it is the BEST blood paint you can buy. Why is it better than any other fake blood? I can tell you. It dries bright red and glossy, it's flexible and waterproof on most surfaces. Other blood paints dry pink or brown or don't dry at all.

Since you claim that this is much better than simply telling a ghost story, tell me why. Tell me what sets it apart. Tell me SOMETHING about the amazing ending that will make customers beg for more. I agree with Greg that the price is definitely not unreasonable, especially if it can do what you say. But, you have to give us more detail about the attraction itself.

The audio was a great start. I appreciate it. Let's keep moving in that direction.

01-23-2008, 02:09 PM
Not to pile on, but if you are a master story teller, then you need to tell a better story here. I think the concept is interesting (what I can glean) but you haven't come close to justifying the cost.

The HorrorTeller
01-23-2008, 02:47 PM
First off I'd like to say again that the problem you folks are having with this is that you are not thinking outside the box.
This is a production...a SHOW. As bold as the day it was born.
A one man/woman show that takes the guests on a journey into their own minds by the use of selected wording, memorized with enhancements of skilled movements . Unusal dialect, unusual appearance...an unfamiliar presence.
Set in a specfic scene to visually enhance what the guest is hearing .
The story is being developed by an intimadating character crawling little by little into the minds of where the Horror-Teller wants them to go. What he wants them to see.
As his voice rises and the action accumulates, the ending is near...but the guests do not see it coming.
The why? Perhaps its because of when we think of storytellers, they relate legends, history or most recently as I have seen, speeches of the past.
They have a few visual props but storytellers very rarely incorporate distinct
theatre of their created character when presenting a preformance.
And never have I ever in all my years as a haunted entertainment owner , have I ever seen a ending like the one presented in The Horror-Teller Show.
This is only one aspect that sets it apart from the typical storyteller of a muldane ghost story.
Its not just one aspect that can describe The Horror-Teller Show. It is a compilation of many facets, that when presented together create a mind blowing show of dark entertainment and this is what keeps the guests coming back for more. Hopefully you now will understand the complexity of this show.
Well placed and choreographed thrills also enter the picture. Though I will not say when/how or why...that is for you to discover on your own.
Thank you both for your comments.
The HorrorTeller


Greg Chrise
01-23-2008, 06:07 PM
but, we were all pretty much squirted out of the box from day one.

The HorrorTeller
01-23-2008, 06:56 PM
...and no disrespect to you.

You were in the dark then...

And still in the dark now.

Is there anyone else that is a professional who would like to discuss this show further?

The HorrorTeller


Killer Katie
01-23-2008, 07:39 PM
I have read all the inquiries and responses and am compelled (the power of words compel me... ). Having been involved in this industry fro 10 plus years, I can understand the scepticism. In this industry there is a huge amount of ego. That is the price you pay for being artists. With that ego, in some cases, comes a great deal of B.S. Unfortunatly there has been a lack of respect with alot of people talking a great game, but failing to deliver. Which, to me, leads me to think you have little experience in this industry (whether true or not) and I think that's why you are meeting some resistance. I have read the website, and am not convinced why I should buy your book. Like posters have said before, find a way to give just enough details that tell us why we can't live without your ideas. Any book on successful marketing would say the same. Think of it like a movie trailer. Does it give away all the secrets? No. Does it give away the ending? No. Do you go see the movie that doesn't explain what it's about other than "mindblowing?" or do you go see the movie that peeked your curiousity as to how it ends? And observing this forum for awhile,
"thinking outside the box" is not an issue for these people. Not getting "scammed" for the 30th time is. Finally, this is NOT and attack on you or your idea, just a little insight as to why there is a push back about the way you are marketing your book.

01-23-2008, 07:46 PM
It's not good marketing to call potential customers unprofessional and in the dark. From all I've seen of your posts and website, you have managed to invent the wheel, yet again. It sounds like the old Carny show, with the Draw, the Build up and the Blow out. (with the required twist ending) You know, something like the old Girl to Gorilla bit. Convince me otherwise.

Jim Warfield
01-23-2008, 09:37 PM
"Ego" is what almost everyone in this business had to have to buck the non-believers surrounding us and open our haunt ANYWAY! Even if "It will Never work!"

We all pretty much do things the way we want or think that they should be done and often there is no real right or wrong way to entertain people ..as long as they are entertained and it's not a ego- blurred unreality burping in our skull.

I am fairly confident that no other haunted house does things the way I do. But then alot of us do things peculair to our own ideas now don't we?
Many have difficulty finding the words to describe what it is like seeing my house and tour.
I have realised for most of my 58 years that life is "finite" so I made the choice to work as hard as I can to pursue MY ideas rather than wasteing my time here simply being a copying machine.
The first room of my house can often be a 45 minute experience for my patrons.
Tours have often taken 90 minutes or more, maybe this is wrong, maybe I should be more stingey with myself, fostering a quicker , stronger yearning for a return visit.
I have spent many years speaking my front room routines and simultaineously listening to how my voice sounds, how people are reacting to any pauses, inflections, tweeking my delivery for optimum effect, all a learning experience.
At the same time I am paying attention to the customer's whispers if any and other agendas they may have. I'm also the babysitter, bouncer and wise-ass if need be to keep order so the happy paying customers who paid to hear what I am doing can indeed hear ME versus any heckler, although slicing and dicing hecklers is also a fun show for the rest of the group .
The huge majority of the people coming through are shocked when the tour is over that so much time has passed!?
Maybe they were engrossed? Supremely distracted? They laughed alot, they jerked, jumped and screamed and will never forget their experiences here.
I have had many people tell me that they found out about my house because their friend, relative, co-worker could not stop talking about the things that happened to them when they were here.......sometimes this obsession goes on for years.......think of the money I have saved over the years on re-advertising.
You cannot pay people enough money to make them want to be a walking , talking billboard for your business. Impress them, they will remember you. I bet most haunters here that have been around awhile already know and practise this.
Just as in failure, there are also commonalitys found in success.
None of us are alone in our discoveries, except for the guy who invented "BOO!", he's alone, I know, because I have had him imprisoned in my basement for many years. I refuse to hear his pleas for release, I'm protecting him from making an ass of himself...AGAIN!
(He's not alone in that room, the person who invented the polka dot room is in there with him , if I could find them!)

01-23-2008, 11:37 PM
Several years ago, John Denely created a seance show that displayed at Transworld. It was AWESOME but they didn't really sell any because it cost too much. I thought about it, but figured I could build my own if I really wanted one.

Kevin McCurdy helped John build that show. I'm telling you it was worth every penny they wanted to charge because of the WOW factor. I saw that as being something you would upcharge for... several years later Lance Pope at Verdun Manor created one and everyone in the industry loved it.

I don't know how much money he made but I think it was an upcharged event.

Seance shows are in a large part how our industry got started, or rather 'Ghost Shows'. Rich Hanf wrote about this in a Hauntworld magazine several years.

What was a TOTAL LAUGH was when IAHA put out a press release last year saying haunted houses aren't about getting scared, but rather romantic dates, and going on to say our industry was the sister to the old tunnel of love attractions. It really shows how clueless those people who made that press release really are... because if you had read Rich Hanf's article you would have learned our true sister, or rather the attractions or shows that later came to be 'haunted houses' was the Ghost Shows. This was very popular back in the day and one of the biggest ghost show masters was Phil Morris from Morris Costumes.

Either way as you chug along in this industry, and you look for ways to create side shows events to upcharge your captive crowds, this could be one way to really make some funds and some real excitement.

Now if it was me and I was going to create one I would have to go all all all all all out... There would be things that fall off the walls, animations that are triggered, ghosts that would appear, the whole bit.

But I wouldn't discount shows at your event especially if they're done as pre-shows while people wait in line or side attractions.


The HorrorTeller
01-24-2008, 05:10 AM
Setting all egos aside for just a moment here...perhaps I should back up a bit and let you all know what brought this concept if you will to reality.
At my beginning I started with just a love of Halloween....the computer age brought forth a means for me to find out I was not alone out there-tho i certainly felt that way because of the small town I belonged to. I was introduced via internet to others who also had the same passion as I did. Through construtive building of bonds we shared, learned and fumbled through many successes and failures. As I grew in knowledge, I also wanted to really see what was out there in this exciting field of the dark themed attractions.
So when time permitted I was able to visit many attractions. Not to spy on them but to absorb with respect how each was individual , in what they felt was unique as to what they offered their guests. As time progressed ( and I progressed) and haunted realm was really getting big I gathered even more information. I then in turn visited transworld and sat in at an IAHA meeting. Visited their offerings of shows, haunted house tour and vendors. I sat and walked around listening to other professionals in the business , the actors and the public who were there to purchase the goods. I learned alot in those 4 days by listening.

As a business person myself I understood what the promoters felt...as I was also involved in promoting. The vendor had his share of pains which I also understood because of the my experience as a promoter and dealing with the vendors.
The speakers had their share of problems, as haunt owners we all basically had the same problems, being an actor to in my own event I could relate to their problems also. These were all componets of running/owning/working in the business world.
Whether it be haunting or some other line.
In my own business of entertainment I have spent long hours and alot of money over the years I've ran it.
I have done it mostly as an experiment to learn about people and find out how to meet the needs of people in general. Plus I get bored easily and like to create new ventures to try out and bring to the public.
I have never looked over my shoulder in fear of competition. I never had to.
With most of my promotions...they were successes. But I did have some that were way less then expected as the outcome I had hoped for. But it never stoped me from the learning and plugging away to be better.
Which now brings me back to the haunted attractions. While touring these attractions I again learned much. I could tell who had the ego because they had all the expensive props and though (when walking with the guests) they were startled...there were many other comments to. As we all exited the event tho there was laughter of the fun that they had there was also the 'ok, lets go to so and so place maybe its different'.
For me personally as a guest the houses with the latest eye candy didnt do much for me. It was like visiting a showroom seeing everything from the catalogs with an occasional startling boo.
What the owner didnt hear even after the exiting person asked them questions about how they liked the event and would they come back...even tho the guest said yes...under the breath a...NOT! was heard.
Now again don't get me wrong...set those egos a side...I am not targeting anyone or their event. I am just relaying what i've heard and seen.
As Larry suggests the old ghost shows are where it all began. I am an old school
haunter. I enjoy creating interactive shows for my guests. I enjoy watching the faces of my guests as real fear replaces what they thought they knew to only be make believe....get to them. I enjoy creating actors...not just boo's. I enjoy seeing my actors feel important and valued for their abilities. I enjoyed interacting with my guest so they don't feel like just an admission factor. Mostly I enjoy seeing them return each season because they know I will bring them something new.
The Horror-Teller Show is that something. The something they all come to see.
Because once its set up it is the easiest show to redo each year. New character, new story, new scenery, new thrills. As for competition...there isnt any. Each haunt owners ideas are what makes the show unique. Heck in my opinion,
I think guests may even travel around more to other haunts to see all the different ways each show is produced .
Is a shame that many of you have been scammed out there. I do feel bad for you all. But I do believe in people....their are good and bad. But if you label us all out there without getting to know us...how will you ever know what is around the bend.
The only way I have perhaps scammed you...is to get you all fired up to express
your opinions and your fears. To once again learn or validate what I know.
Yes, I do know what I'm doing. I am good at what I know.
If you do not purchase the book to learn something new, it does not matter.
I know what is inside and how it works very well. Its only my opinion. Nothing more, nothing less. I will be around no matter what your belief and bringing new shows or products to those who want to learn. Maybe they will be the newcomers to this big world of haunting. But I am willing to teach those who are willing to learn.

The HorrorTeller


01-24-2008, 05:19 AM
I think everyone should chase down their dreams. IF this is something you really want to do and believe in it as much as it seems that you do...go for it!

I wish you luck!

The HorrorTeller
01-24-2008, 06:37 AM
Thank you Larry.
Thank you also for the encouragement to post and jump right in.

The HorrorTeller

Greg Chrise
01-24-2008, 05:55 PM
This forum should be considered perhaps that you have found your people. Over the last decade hundreds of such introduction statements have been posted (me included) with exactly the same experiences and desires. This being the case, we the people share all our ideas totally free reguardless of financial despiration as when you help others, some thing generally works out for your understanding, thus taking it to a higher level.

Certainly we all should welcome you and love to hear of you experiences and ideas. But, we don't hustle each other. This isn't the customer base of people who have never thought of what you just discovered. There are several conventions across the land for marketing products. At these conventions is like you stated you attended, where all the newly inspired come to see what could be up with this industry. There are magazines to be featured in and places to link your website to all over the planet.

Quite a few of is are generally the same age as you If I'm guessing this is Sandy writing all of this? As you see, most of us all know each other by first or even complete names as opposed to the creators.

We have all been to Transworld, to hundreds of attractions to see how they serve their patrons and we have all gathered here to compare notes even fire off ideas like no one had every thought of this before. The ideas are generally compared to the other extreme or ignored but, they aren't necessarily held to be an industry wide gospel unless it has been proven to be unsafe, loses everyone's money and livelyhood or is just plain lame.

I understand your excitement. However you just walked into the bread council and announced that for a price you will teach people to slice bread. That they must have been too stupid to have ever thought of this or aren't already doing it. And they are in fact already doing it with automated slicing machines for years. Ony because some do not advertise nationally it takes a little discovery or lots of travel to actually find how valuable each participant is.

Just to keep it simple, feel free to keep me on the resistant/retarded list.


Greg Chrise
01-24-2008, 06:32 PM
I fully understand you have a product but, you might find some tremendous minds on here to refine what you have to the next level. Sort of version 2.0 and version 3.0 in the making. This is the source of many minds able to offer true decades of experience rather than just critisism.

This is the skunk works if you know what that means. The customers are "out there somewhere" wanting a reason to buy a ticket.

People on here will see an entire transcript of something and then pay for a copy to simply have it as a hard copy resource whether it applies to us now or not.

You will meet people who know how and where to market what you have. You may want to pick out a like minded haunt and whip them a copy for free so they can be as excited as you about your product and services and this stunt might find a great movement of interest.

We are all artists who in out daily lives take something with little or no cost and make it into something.

We are also all promoters or wouldn't have events

And because most of us are personable, (except for me because I'm retarded) the entire gathering can be made to take notice if you are befreinded. Not just encoraged to keep posting.

Under these forums is a back network of emails and personal messages, even long distance phone calls that go on for hours, happening in the back ground between friends. Not that you have created such a stir, just that this illustrates how tight this group who totally disagrees and is resistant to each other's ideas can be. It's not get paid to take surveys.

Again, excuse me for being retarded. They don't know I am on the computer.

Jim Warfield
01-24-2008, 06:57 PM
Gregg has the most unusual wireless access to the internet in Texas, he has to since his saucer is floating over Texas! They saw you the other night though didn't they?
Our TV picture gets interupted and the new image is being broadcast from Gregg's saucer!
He has his "Miss Romper Room Magic Mirror" up "I see Jimmy and Larry, and Billy-bob.... I see the incoming air to ground missle.. push one button, now I'm gone, missed again!"

Greg Chrise
01-24-2008, 09:40 PM
I kept changing the light colors and they came up with 50 different descriptions. Now the Air Force is trying to cover for me. The booster I normally do tron turns with that makes no one believe them as nothing moves like that is in the shop.

Jim Warfield
01-24-2008, 10:52 PM
Dig a hole, put the saucer in there, attach a merry-go-round to it's top and watch that baby spin then!
Those directional changes are head-rippers!

Greg Chrise
01-25-2008, 12:08 AM
I like to go under water In the lake and hit a little kilosecond plasma burst and make all the ducks quack.

If you play it just right you can get two seperate grops of ducks appearing to respond to each other. Although pre recorded you can do the rumble scene from West Side Story. I prefer the Alice Cooper version.

Greg Chrise
01-25-2008, 04:09 PM
If running the dual function generators to pulse the blasters with plasma coincides any more than 4 seconds, the surface of the lake will become a mass of floating fish and duck meat.

01-25-2008, 09:45 PM
extra extra READ ALL ABOUT IT.





The HorrorTeller
01-27-2008, 04:16 AM
First I would like to apologize to everyone, especially Greg and Jim , and all the rest of you who responded to this post.

I didn't run but instead was taking time to mull everyones input over to see what it was I wasn't conveying properly to you all.

I believe I now have it figured out and I do not blame you for being skeptical.

As we all know storytellers of many forms have been around for ages.
This wheel is not new by any means. The variations of storytellers out there are not new. Their for children,adults, legends, ghost stories, history and more.

In our business of horror its ghosts stories....bone chilling tales that , we hope we tell well enough to scare or the very least creep our guests out with.

That wheel I did not create.

The wheel we did create however, through years of trial and error is the ending.

The mind blowing ending of the show. This what I am so excited about, that I wanted to present to you all.

The example I gave you all prior with the audio story stops at the highest point of the story...go back and listen to it if need be.

There is a reason for this. I just didn't stop there on purpose, to make you all wonder.

Its at this point in the show that scares enter the picture, for the grand finale.

The ending is what gets the guests, for they never expect it to happen .
We all have heard or seen storytelling and there never is a climax that follows...
its just the ending of the story.

That is what sets this show apart from the average tales of the dark. The scares and how its done.

That is what the book the horror-teller show is all about. Besides setting this show up and the other facets that are involved to produce the entire show.

I have taken a hard look at the cover of the book and its info and thanks to your being skeptics we are in the process of rewriting the cover as you are all right it does not convey enough information.

So I do again want to apologize to you all( as I'm wiping the ole egg off my face)
and thank you for questioning me...being skeptical...so I could finally see.

The HorrorTeller
www.the horrorteller.com

01-27-2008, 10:19 AM
From what I read it sounds like you have an intriging idea for a second show at a haunt. I am sure if you could so how figure a way to give a demo beyond the audio clip, people will buy it if it is good. Maybe you should think about setting a demo up at a convention like MHC(because they are close to Michigan) or something. Believe me in this industry if it cool and works haunters will buy it.

Jim Warfield
01-28-2008, 07:33 AM
The Haunters buy it , hoping their customers will "Rent It".

The HorrorTeller
01-28-2008, 10:38 AM
Thank you Mindtumor.

As an add on show for attractions the possibilities are endless.

Relaying the attractions legends, the new theme of the season, and even as a vip show especially if you know that you are unable to offer it as a show to accommadate all your guests.

We do not offer the dvd as of yet and there is a good reason for it.
Those just starting out especially if they haven't had a storyteller prior, are going to want to understand the fundamentals of how this show works and even those who have had storytellers should follow the steps presented to ensure the shows success at their attraction.
We feel the dvd will only encourage folks to skip the beginnings of the how to and the why, of how the show works.
We also have included the brief discussion on the advance Horror-Teller Show so that the Horror-Teller is able to outdo himself each season with the additions of diversions. Now we are in the process of completing the Master Horror-Teller add in guide that will be free to those who already are starting their show process.

As for MHC... maybe, perhaps someday...it would take some equipment to get it all there.
One just never knows where destiny will take them...
The HorrorTeller