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01-25-2008, 06:55 PM
I am curious. There are so many haunts out there that have great rooms/scenes. I would like to know what kind of rooms/scenes do you have? i would love to hear the different rooms/scenes you have.

01-25-2008, 10:06 PM
Two Bedroom And A Kitchen!

Actually I Build Th Ecastle Facde Last Year This Year I Am Working Ont He Crypt Which Is Going To Be Keller.
After That The Workings Will Head Toward The Crematory Then The Hiden Pasage To The Library Of Souls Then On To The Gallery Then To The Seller And Dungeon/lab/tourcher Chamber Kind Of Rolled In One Then Out Through The Black Hall On The Outside Through The Grave Yard And By By Now Come Back Again.

Cant Wait.. Tell The Big H

Jim Warfield
01-25-2008, 11:35 PM
Very creative! (But you might catch some grief for having a "Keller", "Helen Keller"? Room.)
She accomplished incredible things in her life for being blind and deaf.

01-25-2008, 11:49 PM
Since the haunt I work at is an asylum, all the rooms reflect that theme. As of now, we are moving to a bigger location. What rooms we'll have by October is anyone's guess. But, here is a list of the rooms (during 2006's haunt) that patrons would enter from first to last:

1. Reception Desk: This is the area where our spare parts, uh, I mean, "patrons" enter the asylum and wait for their guide.

2. Morgue: Since all the people who occupy this room are dead. It's pretty quiet in this area. Well, except for the one guy locked in one of the morgue's corpse drawers who we thought was dead.

3. Cell 1: This is one of the two cells where we keep the "feistiest" of patients. Flesh eaters, bone breakers, those who hide the remote. Really sick stuff.

4. Surgeon's Operating Room: Here, patrons and get up-close (uncomfortably up-close) to an operation in progress. Since the asylum's a tad scrapped for medical tools, we make due with a good ol' circular saw.

5. Kitchen: Here is where the resident chef/butcher prepares the asylum food. Alas, the only place that has refrigeration is the morgue and it's all full. So our butcher just sorta piles the meat up in the corner.

6. Baths: Patients just love to soak in cold water. Funny how they get angry and hostile when their pruny.

7. Electro Shock Therapy room: While we might substitue some medical equipment for hardware appliances, our electro shock therapy is the best around. Other asylums use only a miniscule amount of electricity to save energey, we use so much that the shock jolts our patients right of their chair restraints.

8. Pitch Black (Maze-like) Hallway: Our asylum is old, flammable too. Many of the lights have burnt out over the years. Patrons are instructed to stay together. Those scratching noises coming from the walls might not be from the other side of the plaster.

9. Cell 2: The second of the "fiesty" patient cells. This is where we put the worst. Course that's fairly obvious. What with the bars, shackles and chains.

10. Dr. Pain's Private Quarters: Here is where the good doctor goes to unwind. What he doesn't know is that he's not the only one. An escapee we call Georgey found one of our surgeon's "tools" and is now hiding in the walls; breaking the asylum's support beams. For someone who does a good job of hiding, he's not hesitant to crawl out of his wall and say "HEY!"

11. Unstable Hallway: Georgey isn't very nice to the other lunatics. Why not too long ago, he snapped another patient in half. One half went to the butcher's stock pile, the other is still where we left it. Moaning and groaning to anything with knees. But that's the least of one's worries with Georgey. With that tool of his, he knocked out most the support beams in this area. Sometimes the sky falls indoors. If ya get my drift.

12. Waiting Room: This room is where one waits to see the good doctor for surgery. The line is very, very short. Why, one could just walk in the operating room and the doc will be there ready to "cure" what ails you.

13. Dr. Pain's Main Operating Room: Unfortunately, the doctor doesn't like strangers in his asylum. Especially uninvited ones.

Huh. 13 rooms. Imagine that.

Jim Warfield
01-26-2008, 07:53 AM
"How many rooms are in this house?" (Question commonly asked here)
"All of them! Except for the ones floating within the realm of your imagination, I can't count the ones only inside of your head."
Here we have : The Kitchen
The Front room (sometimes a 45 minute ordeal!)
The room with 6 doors.
The Cupola
The Waiting room
The War Room
The Bad Dream Bedroom
The Nazi-Babe Room
The outdoor maze
The Actually haunted wine cellar
a stone room built in 1870- 31 by 16 with a 12 ft. high stone arch
ceiling. people have been having unusual experiences and sightings in this room ever since 1925 that I am aware of.
And various other strange hallways.
Various other rooms go unnamed but memorably etched within the customer's minds.
I am working on a Victorian Bedroom which has now taken me out into the hallway before that room and so it goes.......("Taken me out there for a good spanking!?")

01-26-2008, 08:33 AM
yes she was Jim and with a sister who is at least deaf i should show some respect.
i ment killer!

like the old moto kill them all let god sort them out.

enjoy the day and hope to run into some of you at Transworld!

Greg Chrise
01-26-2008, 08:54 AM
Motel Lobby
Though Vampirella's door
The WTF is that Museum
Weird dude in a chair a hint of Voodoo
Stalker Maze
Werewolf guard
Coffin Chamber
Ghost apparition
Ancient Evil
Which way do you go
Bridge over the cemetery
Cemetery Overstock with snake infestation
Dark Maze
Boiler room
Multiple Clown rooms
Monster in a box
Refrigerators and parts to feed the Monster
Laboratory with watch the hot wires
Filing cabinets of death
Saw Blade Collection
Graffitti Hallway
Run the customer into the Target Game
Monster in your car

Greg Chrise
01-26-2008, 09:38 AM
Haunted young witch groovy dorm room
Road Hazzard? Construction
12 foot tall monster arrises
12 foot monster flying at you from above (over 60 feet)
Ninja Monster descending upside down on a rope from above
Walk over the fresh graves to avoid zombies
Fog room with strobes
Prisoners from long ago
Spark Fence with smelly guy in sweater
Vomitting Vampire girl
Trolls climbing over the walls

Greg Chrise
01-26-2008, 09:59 AM
Dude in a coffin with gender issues
The chainsaw won't start where are you going?
Fat kid with a real sharp object luckly put out of commission by the fog and strobes.

Chainsaws attacking the ticket takers

The scariest is what did they bring for the actors to eat/be poisoned by? Great does everyone now have tuburculosis?

The hyperventalation causing area.

Punch the army guy.

Girl actors make up room with multiple Diane Ross costume changes.

01-27-2008, 07:14 PM
What kind of stuff did you have in your WTF is that Museum? I know what WTF means.

01-27-2008, 07:42 PM
1. reception desk
2. library/living room
3. staircase and hallway
6.laser tunnel
7.black maze
9.black maze
10.final scene is different each year

01-27-2008, 08:08 PM
The Grand Hall
Bride and Doom Hallway
Dining Room
Endless Hallway
Basement - Make your way through severed heads, chain and barbed wire.
Chainsaw Chase

Greg Chrise
01-27-2008, 11:36 PM
Actually this is something our normal demographic does not come to a haunted house for. Art in the Form of actual paintings. Unexplained to them, they are either a painting that is a bunch of crap from me wanting to see if my paint is all still in condition for a real painting. Others are part of my hobby of getting paintings for $1.50 to $5 at the Goodwill that might have a nice frame.

Usually what is available is some stupid lake with trees or open meadow or some rocks and a water fall which all suck to begin with. I will as masterful as the origional painting put little things that must be looked for. Like a barn wth a chicken gets a cow being beamed away by a UFO. A fish jumping a babbling brook is grabbed by an under water skeletal hand. Some ducks are enjoying a lake and a submarine periscope is looking at them.

Pretty much all the silly crap I can comeup with. And, even though for years it had been my dream to create the WTF is it museum, it now has a purpose. Not just to fill space but, to actually hear the patrons say WTF is that. What is really happening is they are indeed excercising their mind to look at detail. To reject what they saw, they have to look, process it with their brain unexplained for them and this sets them up for the rest of the haunt.

With out really understanding, their visual acuity has been sharpened and their minds tested to really look and even interact as a group in some fashion. It makes the next 17 scares or scenes so much more of an eye opener.

Over the years in our shop, my screwing with paintings and displaying them as bad art became such a buzz, people were bringing some paintings they always hated out of their garages for me to have. From this there is actually a WTF private collection I prefer not to have customers possibly destroy. One is a really screwed up very dark (and large) oil painting that someone's father in law did for a gift. It is all done in Blacks and Greys, maybe a slight touch of one Red. Basically it is kind of sick and depressing oil painting of a potted plant they were expected to have putting a cloud over their living room. They gave it away to never have to see it in their living room and I love it. It is the perfect example of why would anyone spend so much time to paint THAT?

When I was painting wether in oil or acrylic or automotive air brush, the shop was set up that in order to even get to where I was or where the work was being done, you had to go though the WTF museum. Then with all of their critisism out of the way and seeing what could already be considered bad work, they would be picking up Their painting and paying for it. Their eyes and brain had been trained to really look and feel if there was an emotion. For 20 hours work I don't want the Im just getting 6 tube socks for $5 at Walmart impulse.

I'm sure that in haunts, these changing portraits do the same thing but, I have never seen more than about 4 paintings (not enough of them) in any one haunt and they are not always in the beginning as a primer.

I have also given the group a slower, take a moment and look pace with the museum. Every artist does quite a few renderings that suck, aren't the best color choices and the on that sells for $400 to $4500 is usually number 20 of a series. So if someone wanted a painting of Batman, I do one over the course of about 5 hours for fun. The second one might take 12 hours, is better being able to see all the mistakes and add more detail. Kind of like making a sample. The samples have no value unless they are great and go to the private collection. Instead of going to the dumpster (I don't reuse canvases) they go to the haunted house.

Different ones are available to dis respect every year. Yet, not one has been trashed yet. It inspires the patons to act like they have been taught in formative school years, to look but not touch with out expecting them to read and obey a sign.

I'm sure like at the old shop, it gave people something to tell their friends about. The WTF museum became kind of a free must see as people told their friends. In the private collection we do have some weird stuff like a collection of gum I bought from the mouths of strippers over a 30 year period. With a little card of their stage name. All sorts of trinkets gathered from all sorts of just plain wrong characters.

It is the one part of the haunt where there are no scares. Take your time, look at everything, crtisize, stick these images and your reactions in your head. It gives the lead actors an idea of what their pace is going to be like. Whether they are even willing to look at things and acting in characters might be appreciated or they just need to be moving because they aren't going to look or absorb anyhow. Generally every one has been conditioned to really look at all the detail and make up, feel the performances. Everone is a critic but they all come out not knowing why this was such a great haunt, why it was so interactive. Why the actors were able to get to them when they were prepared to be so tough.

Its kind of a parlor trick. A psychic will hold your watch or your ring. You will tell them anything to get your stuff back. Later in the "reading" they will tell you all kinds of things about you. And you will give them what ever it is to get your jewelry back. People open up and are directed to not be an unreactive dullard.

In the case of the Batman painting. They have inventoried it, that's not scary. No, it's not. Why is it in here? What is wrong with these people? If there is enough to exhaust the critict in them or the immaturity. Let the games begin.

Later in the haunt signs and little symbols are indeed noticed and described as where they were in the haunt when something happened. If they took such personal notice of all of these 4,000 things, they will tell others only a small amount of what they saw. The memories fade, it was all good, they come back and bring others.