View Full Version : Horror Circus Display - Repost w/pics

Troy Hughes
02-01-2008, 05:52 AM
Avid Home Haunter Selling Horror Circus Set/Display

1ea - Pennywise inspired Clown head/centerpiece.
Over 6’ tall. Foam-board and wire understructure. Paper mache shell (Elmers exterior glue and heavy butcher‘s paper - 3+ layers).
Gaping mouth with carved foam fangs.
Primary clown color paint scheme w/UV eyes.

4ea- Columns. 2 color fluorescent paint. Spiral design. 6’+.
5ea- Domes/Pods. 4+ color fluorescent paint + 2 additional unpainted domes. 33” diam, 14” tall.
4ea- Pedestals for domes. 2 @ 18”, 2 @30” high.
4ea- 3D Clown/Jester portraits (2ea) in fluorescent frames (22“ x 28“) + 2 additional unframed.
6ea- Fluorescent Severed Clown Arms w/ torn sleeve matl. Attached (to be hung from paper globe lanterns).
1ea- Jack in the Box figure only. Torso on “spring” look base.
1ea- Two part Clown prop. Severed @ waist w/guts hanging over waist and hanging down from suspended torso.
2ea- 4’ fluorescent light fixtures w/ tubes.

My e-mail is tjh3113@aol.com.

Asking $1,000 complete. This will cover my materials expense plus a little time. Also, this would be for pick-up only as freight would cost more than asking price.

I live in New Windsor, NY which is in Orange County and central to NJ, CT, and PA.