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Mr. Haunt
02-01-2008, 12:05 PM
I was wondering what would be the best kind of paint to use for Tombstones?

I know that there is a lot to pick from, but if one works better then the other I would like to know.

A also understand you can use a clear cover to harden the foam and protect it from the elements.

My next question, what is the site that has all the "HOW TO'S"? I have not added it to my short cuts. I wanted to check out the list and get some ideas.

Now that I have some extra money I want to build things to be more real life like. Once I start to do this I will post pictures and see if I can sell any of my work. I think you might like what I am going to do.


Mr. Haunt

Mr. Haunt
02-01-2008, 12:34 PM
One other question, If I wanted to light up this object what would be the best way to do so?

Is there a place where I can buy prewired lights?

Mr. Haunt

Chambers of Horror
02-01-2008, 05:17 PM
Hey Mr. Haunt, you can paint foam tombstones with any paint other then spray paint. Unless you have coated the foam. Get the ooops paint from Home Depot or Lowes or local paint store. It's cheaper and just add some black paint. No mattrer what color you get you will end up with some shade of gray. Flat paint is best for storing if you stack them or pack them front to back because semi-gloss paint will stick and peal off when you pull them apart.

Hot wire foam factory has a few different coatings you can use on foam http://hotwirefoamfactory.com/home.php but you can also use water putty from Home Depot, monster mud or any hard coating. It will depend on if they are going to be outside or inside, will they be in a path were people might bump into them, kick or whatever or will they only be handled by who ever is setting them up? The harder the coating, the heavier it will be and the more detail will get covered up. If you want it lighter and to show more detail it won't be as strong.

For lighting I like using these LED spot lights. They are cheap and really easy to make. They hide well and light up only what you want without adding any light pollution to the rest of your haunt. http://www.toykeeperslair.com/PDF/LEDSpotlights.pdf

02-01-2008, 05:26 PM