View Full Version : Thank You to Todd Poole & Geoff Beck

10-08-2006, 03:04 PM
I just wanted to thank Geoff Beck and Todd Poole for coming down to VA this weekend to play with us at Darkwood Manor. I had the pleasure of working with Granny in the front room on Friday and the guests loved Horrificus on Saturday. Geoff did some great make up jobs for us and the actors really seemed to enjoy the seminar as well.

I also wanted to announce that Granny has a new skill. She came back to Pete and I's house on Friday and wanted to learn to pole dance (I have a pole in my den). So I taught her some moves - Geoff got some great footage of her working the pole - she's pretty good. (Although, I've never laughed so hard in my life).

Thanks again guys!

10-09-2006, 09:19 AM
granny is still walking a little funny too....that cramp she got was killer...lol...thanks for all the fun and all the laughs...glad geoff got all that on video...no one would ever believe a 93 year old woman swinging around seductively on a pole could ever be soooo funny...

todd poole

10-09-2006, 01:19 PM
I guess it was sort of mean that when Granny got the cramp Or when she hit the floor a little more quickly than expected and said "Take Two!" we stood around and laughed while Geoff continued to videotape..... :D