View Full Version : Does this look better??? And...

02-05-2008, 06:44 PM
Okay tell me if you like this better for the new HauntedHouseOnline.com or rather this is how the haunts will be displayed on both Hauntworld and HHO into the future. Hauntworld is getting the same OVERHAUL treatment.

Give me your feedback. I'm spending THOUSANDS of dollars here... anything you can catch will be helpful.

Lastly, I keep getting emails about banners, about renewing those banners.

Yes we will start renewing those banners very soon, as in this week.

You will start getting calls and emails. You have until March the 7th to renew your marketing, and pay for it. Additionally previous customers have first crack at moving up, and or buying top listings in secondary states.

Once the March 7th deadline passes, we are sending out email blasts to thousands and thousands of people and its open game at that point, including anyone at TW who wants marketing.