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02-05-2008, 07:36 PM
For Immediate Release
Re: Haunt Visionsí new product for 2008
Date: February 5, 2008

For more information, contact Mark McDonough - (314) 776-3939
cell - (314) 348-3939
email- mark@creativevisionsonline.com

Haunt Visions is proud to announce the addition of the following products to itís line:

Head on a Stick

A great new concept from Haunt Visions, Head on a Stick is up to 4 severed heads that are impaled on pikes. ...but these realistic heads are not quite dead yet!

Choose from Boris, Bobby, Bonz and Willy. Your guests will love them all.
Available as a single head, duet, trio or quartet...these high quality, talking heads tell jokes, attraction rules, belt out songs...whatever you can imagine!

Silicone skins and theme park quality mechanisms ensure years of reliable operation.

To make your Head on a Stick even more impressive...optional features include eyes that move (left and right) as well as the head turning back and forth.

Custom soundtracks and programming are available...making set-up a breeze!

Also Coming:
Creative Visionís contribution to the trade show will be a tribute to the King himself....done up a little western. ...a little something for the Vegas crowd.

...and of course....Rock Monster!!

Stop by Booth # 8108 at the Transworld Halloween Show and see them all in action!

Company Background:

Haunt Visions is the distribution arm of Creative Visions and was created to service the Haunted Attraction industry.
Since 1992, Creative Visions has been creating amazing animated characters and themed attractions for theme parks, museums, themed amusement facilities and of course...Haunted Attractions.
In 2007, Creative Visions formed a new entity in Haunt Visions, as a way to better service the Haunted Attraction industry. Through Haunt Visions, the Haunted Attraction industry has a reliable source for theme park quality equipment at Haunted House prices.

02-05-2008, 07:38 PM
Sounds cool, can't wait to see it in action

Jim Warfield
02-05-2008, 07:45 PM
I think that I graduated with "Head on a Stick" , she was THE skinniest girl I ever saw.
Inspired by that comedy routine "Head on a Steek?" The talking pepper?
hysterical! I can't remember the comic's name, he's been around a long time though.
These products sound like they could replace some employees .