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02-11-2008, 07:17 AM
As you may already know or heard me say before...Hauntworld.com last season did about 2.2 MILLION unique visitors to our websites in 2007. We sent over ONE million visitors to haunted houses last year. That was FOUR TIMES 2006, and our traffic in general was a bit over DOUBLE of 2006.

Hauntworlds traffic is doubled FOUR straight years. Whether you want to believe this or not it's up to you but sites like Hauntworld by 2010 will send your haunt up 25% of all of your business.

People are just now catching on to the fact that sites like Hauntworld exsist, meaning people use sites like Priceline.com or Expedia.com or whatever to find all the companies from airlines, to hotels, to rental cars to you name all in one place.

Ebay you can find almost anything all in one place, and the same goes for dozens of other type of sites from home insurance to car insurance to you name it.

Those sites does all the traffic because they spend millions and millions of dollars promoting their brand. Hauntworld and sites like Hauntworld have to rely on search engines, or word of mouth because we can't buy 2.7 million dollar Super Bowl ads...LOL

But guess what PEOPLE are finding out that you can find all haunts in one location and people are USING THE SITES, to shop and compare. Haunts ticket prices have skyrocketed, the days of going to 10 haunts in once season is OVER.

People want more information, they want more details and they want to find all the haunts in ONE location in a place like Hauntworld.com.

When our new system goes on line, and it will within the next few weeks, you will be BLOWN away... but I didn't make the new system for you haunt owners, I made the new system for the guests who will use the system. I want the guests to get all the information they need to make a purchase right on the spot.

I want to find what they're looking for from hearing your radio commercial to watch your television commerical to watching a promo, to looking at your photos to reading reviews to rating your haunt. This is what todays internet people want. So I've spent about and I'm not F*CKING kidding here... about $100,000.00 of my COLD HARD CASH to create the ULTIMATE SYSTEM!

You will see my new secret website, which will help drive even more traffic to hauntworld, through well I can't say right now... hehehee

But trust me its huge!

But HauntedHouseonline.com will be bigger, stronger faster and so will hauntworld.com.

It will go online before Transworld and so will the new Yellow Pages system!

Either way we have a PDF file which serves as a media kit for buying banner ads and featured listings on Hautnworld.com's system for 2008.

If you owned a spot last year, you must renew by March 7th, otherwise your spot will be sold at Transworld or to anyone else who wants it.

I have two members of my team that will be contacting haunt owners starting Tuesday.

If you want to email us or them to confirm you want your spot again please do so at blacklightminigolf@sbcglobal.net or hpiofficemanager@sbcglobal.net or you can email me directly at darkrides@sbcglobal.net

ALL BANNERS can be replaced if you want to change it...they must be emailed to me directly in th form of jpeg or gif 468x60.

If you did NOT own a banner last year and want the best spot available contact us ASAP!!! We can sell you ones that are open and maybe let you take someone elses who doesn't renew.

You can buy as many states as you wish.

Here is a QUOTE from Brett Bertolino from Eastern State Penn about his banner last year...

"As you probably know the ads are a great deal. Hauntworld sent us 15,322 visitors this season and hauntedhousesonline sent us 6,947 visitors so if 10% of those actually came to the event we more than paid for the ads. So sign us up again!" Brett Bertolino

Here is another from Ben Armstrong:
Hauntworld is a big part of our marketing package. I can't think of a more focused inexpensive advertising tool for your Haunted Attraction! Ben Armstrong / NETHERWORLD

Hauntworld.com will be moved to THREE servers in 2008 just to handle all the traffic we expect. We've come a long way, and I'm making HUGE investments because I see this as a LONG TERM part of my business. I can tell you if you own a haunted house and you didn't or don't buy a banner you're NOT THINKING STRAIGHT! That is just a fact!

Last year I paid $7,500.00 to buy 3.5 million impressions on MYSPACE profiles in my market, in my age group, blah, blah and only got back 2,800 click throughs...that wasn't even 1% click through rate. I was very disappointed.

Hauntworld on just its owner profiles for those who bought featured listings got about a 32% click throught rate... meaning from YOUR listing to YOUR website. Those who only had a free second page listing still recieved about a 18% click through rate.

The banners out did the profiles on click throughs almost 3 to 1 to just the profiles. Overall there where more banner hits to then all FREE listings combined. Amazing!

If you want a copy of the pdf let me know and I will email it to you!

We will be adding it to the site later today...I'll post the link today.


02-11-2008, 07:32 AM
So the guest can write reviews? Can they be deleted by us if they are negative?


02-11-2008, 11:06 AM
Yes you control your own blog. But its a cool feature because you can leave updates on your blog, add photos or whatever and people can comment on your posts, but yes you can delete anything you want. That feature cost about $10,000.00 to add so it better be cool!!!! LOL