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02-12-2008, 02:54 PM
Hey all I am looking for a good site to find pneumatic cylinders and air hose supplies. I am trying to cut out the middlemen the best I can. Where do you all recommend that I look for some good parts and help?


02-12-2008, 03:32 PM
Frightprops and Evilusions both have good selection......or if you know exactly what you want, Grainger is the best and cheapest way to go. I buy individual componenets from Grainger and complete kits from Evilusions or Frightprops.

Also, get a good air filter/conditioner for your air compressor(s)....it will make your components last alot longer.

02-12-2008, 04:54 PM
Just don't be in a hurry so you are sure to get a good deal. Check shipping costs and make sure what you are buying is new or has a warranty.

Boo Crew Production
02-12-2008, 08:51 PM
Send us an Email. we will get a quote together for you for what you are looking for. We are currently working on updating the site to offer a complete line of cylinders, valves, fittings, and tubing.

Bill Schnell
02-17-2008, 03:19 PM
I would recommend Evilusions as well. They are also great with answering any questions you may have.

Matt Marich
02-17-2008, 04:14 PM
Doug at Fright props has excellent prices and always ships very quickly. He actually beats our so called wholesale prices even though we are a distributor!