View Full Version : Imma goin ta HELL!!! Hep me, hep me!

10-10-2006, 11:02 PM
Well, it happened, I sent out 400 letters to churches advertising our special rate for churches and I got back a letter claiming I have rejected Jesus Christ, embraced evil, blah, blah, blah.

As a Christian I had to laugh at the crudely scrawled letter on a piece of notebook paper from a church probably of about 6 members that all meet in someone's basement.

My Make-A-Wish coordinator said she hoped he contacted her cause she'd tell him that "this Christian man (me) has raised more money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation than and of the churches in town put-together.

Alot of grammatical errors, misssspelllingggsss, etc.

I did not respond, it is a case of ignorance, he is uneducated I believe, but he has his convictions and beliefs, and I have mine. Leave it alone. Besides 1 out of 400 is pretty good.

I hope I aint goin to Hell, Flame retardant is outrageously priced down there.


Jim Warfield
10-11-2006, 02:13 AM
I wouldn't be at ease if six people in a basement were busy hating me.
Not many minds there to maybe think:"Wait a minute, maybe we are wrong? "Nope. We right! Attach the cell phone to the dynamite and we are done!"

10-11-2006, 06:27 AM
You're a brave man marketing to churches. I don't even want to think about the response if we sent out letters to 400 churches...I am sure it would skip right past the letter stage to picketing..

John Coen
10-11-2006, 06:28 PM
It was probably the "Jesus Saves and so can you with this coupon" approach that turned them off. :)

Greg Chrise
10-11-2006, 07:34 PM
I'm sure we will meet in hell. This morning's "sermon" was that to keep the voice of Sayton out of your head you must adorn yourself with the proper helmet. I put on some clown hair and re entered the room. This was both funny and apparently blasphemous all at the same time.

10-12-2006, 05:36 AM
Well, we all know that if running a haunt lands us in hell, we'll all be in good company. Don't forget to wear your Haunt World T-Shirt!

John Coen
10-12-2006, 09:13 AM
I prayed for God to open up the building I'm using for a successful haunt and so far he has answered that prayer. God is a mighty God and if it wasn't something he wanted me to do He could have shut the door of opportunity. :)

10-13-2006, 06:15 AM
Agreed. We were just discussing last night HOW CLOSE we were to calling off the haunt this year. It was just a few days before Laborday when Tony walked into my costume shop and asked "How's the haunt coming?" I said "It's not. We've got no building and no hope of finding one at this late date." He said, "I don't have a show running in October. You can have my theatre." Could have knocked me over with a feather.

If God didn't want this to happen, he wouldn't keep opening up those windows everytime the door slams in my face.

10-13-2006, 07:03 AM
If God didn't want this to happen, he wouldn't keep opening up those windows everytime the door slams in my face.

I agree but does it always have to be when our noses are a half inch into the doorway? And as we are holding our face in pain/shame the window pops open.

Jim Warfield
10-14-2006, 10:51 AM
"Fate", "God", Circumstances, we can find solace in whatever we wish but just don't get carried away with anything, we are still free-thinking creatures who usually bare more responsibility for our own actions, luck and lives than we sometimes wish to admit.
A local 44 yr. old married man caught on a couch with an extremely underage girl said, "If God didn't want me to do this , then why did he let it happen?"
He was a deacon in his church, he's now a registered sex offender, maybe god just was working, just slower?
I couldn't believe he tried to blame God for his improper, criminal behavior

10-15-2006, 08:06 AM

Reminds me of Rev. Jimmy Swaggart, they found him in a motel room with a hooker. He said they didn't have a bible in the motel room, so he had to thump something. :roll:


Jim Warfield
10-15-2006, 10:18 AM
Different sacrements, new alter, same level of dedicated worship.

10-17-2006, 06:04 AM
I strongly believe in God. I was raised in the church. However, I keep getting mixed signals from him about my haunt. Things have gone absolutely great with it...until opening night. Now, I can't get a faithful crew, equipment has failed, the first weekends attendance was deplorable and embarassing, and I wish unto God that it was mid November.

I've written before how bitchy I have been. Stressed does not even describe how I have been. But, when you're doing the job of ten personnel, there's really no other way to be. Well on Saturday, this one young man in his 20's figured he'd had enough. I was told he was walking around the haunt on Saturday saying "F this" and "F that!" He then went in the part of the haunt where my eldest son and his best friend were participating. Something was said about me and it escalated from "F you MF" to "I'm gon' whop yo' a$$." The young man, along with his girlfriend and brother left one hour before we were to close. I guess it was a blessing business was horrible since the three of them had the first scare in the haunt. No one came after they left. This young man proceeded to write me a horrible email the next day about how I'm way too stressed, I'm bringing their energy down, he thought this was suppose to be fun, etc..etc... Well, you know me. I wrote him back and laid it all on the line for him, but not demeaning in anyway......
He didn't show up Sunday night. And I have not heard a peep out of him since. I know this will change, though since his tools are here, as well as his girlfriend's couches in our VIP Lounge.
He's one of those who's attitude hits the door before he does. One of these young caucasin males who tries to act "hard" and "ghetto" if you know what I mean. He has been a great asset to the haunt as he has helped put the haunt together and decorated his scene with pride. This is a situation I try not to think about or get me down, but as you can see from what I've written...it does. I'm no longer a strong advocate for actors over animatronics. This is a situation I wonder why God has allowed and is he trying to tell me something.

At the same time I'm getting a newspaper (California State University, Sacramento's Hornet) interviewing me for an article, a major circulation here called The Senior Spectrum also writing an article on us coming out October 24th and while I was at the bank today, I spied one of our news crew's vans doing a local at a fitness center across the parking lot. I took a flyer and card over there which seemed to excite them and a promise to put it on their schedule.

Mixed signals....see what I mean?

How in the world can I advertise a haunt and pump it up and praise it when I'm not sure what kind of crew I'm going to have from weekend to weekend???? I feel as though everything I told those reporters was a falicy. Things my haunt would be if I had a proper crew. We have our legendary and very popular baseball mascot coming on Friday! I'm so afraid we won't have enough crew to cover the haunt and trail and after all that bragging....God, help me! :cry:

Greg Chrise
10-17-2006, 06:42 PM
Decorating one room does not somehow give anyone the authority to take over. In comparison to how much effort and liabitlity you have he is nothing. Nothing but perhaps a bit of sabotage?

On the bigger picture, No one knows how many people or how many stations are supposed to be there but you. The illusion of what the customer experiences as long as it isn't total pay a ticket to entertain themselves with your stuff, should be a good evenings entertainment. In fact the customers make things up in their head as to what things are and could be and freak themselves out.

Sometimes we have fires (using volunteer fire fighters as staff) and 10 people out of 20 will just take off, wether it is Saturday night or not. The leader of the 10 remaining always freak that this or that position is not there and it doesn't really matter. The place could be run with 4 people and lots of times 2 people really carry the show while the others stand around.

All of this is a far better cry than a haunt with no props in it with people on the other side of the walls only saying bo as patrons in groups of 4 go by. And believe me those are out there and making money. Of course they have to move every year too but that's another topic. So the trick is to make what you have as good as possible which might not be to our expectations but, to a customers? It is a new unkown generally not judged as there are few references to judge against.

It sounds to me like God gave you some tools and a couch! Everyone wants to be tough but they are usually drama queens when confronted. It is their loss for showing poor character all along.

On a restaurant wall in these parts hangs a civil war musket and a sign " love your enemies but keep your gun oiled" In retrospect this dude has potentially cost you lots of business by not having his performance and out on the street talking a game. Not really. He is only keeping away the bad type of customers he associates with that weren't coming anyhow and even an empty decorated room with someone just staring at the customers can cause lots of return business if someone wants to see it again because they were distracted and didn't get what they thought was a good look see.

In reality, perhaps this guy was the stress? But in the haunt. This is what the job is pal, lather rinse repeat, wether for charity or a paid position it is not the haunts or the customers fault this guy had a totally different vision of all the perks this would bring him. Usually I have found the young whites pretending to be bad blacks come in with a list of all the things you are going to do for them before they do a single thing for you. Have a nice life and try reading the bible at some point. Or if you can't read there are some very nice bibles on audio on the computer these days, some dude will read it to you out of your speakers if you are lazy. Yo word up dawg.

You may find that those that remain are more chillin with out the fool!

10-17-2006, 06:58 PM
Oh, Miss Gwendel...*hug*

Don't you dare give up on it yet. You're in the toddler stages of your haunt and it was the first weekend!!! Again, no reason to be embarassed as it is for a good cause! I'm betting that your numbers will be up this weekend.

I know that you're discouraged, but your heart is definitely in the right place. Don't let the few crew members who left get you down. You've still got the good ones, right? Focus on them!

And, as always, don't forget to breathe. Sometimes, when you're stressed and everything's going haywire, people forget to do that. Just breathe.

You can do it!

Raycliff Manor
10-18-2006, 09:58 AM
Emp! I'm sending out the biggest virtual hug I can muster! When I think back to all the problems we encountered our first year, you probably remember, I was ready to throw in the towel the very first weekend we opened! Of course it was a week later than we were supposed to open and I had to sit outside the building on what was supposed to be our opening night and apologize to people who had driven hours for not being open. I offered double coupon value to anyone willing to return a week later and in some instances, I offered people to come back for free! Now, looking back on how my team and I handled the many crisis' we faced and seeing how much we learned through the experience, I realize how much stronger and more efficient it helped our business to become. I'll be honest though, had I known in advance what we were going to face, I never would have gone through with starting the business. Do I regret it now? Absolutely not! Hang in there my friend! The real season starts this coming weekend for most people and you have a great cause depending on you! I wish I could come on over and help you out! I know you're a survivor and I know you have what it takes to make it. Focus on the passion for your cause and for haunting and know that your HauntWorld family will be sending out prayers and positive energy to help you not only make it through, but have an awesome time in the process! Think of the stories we'll have to share at TW!!! :wink:


10-18-2006, 11:33 AM

Prayers and cyber hugs coming from me
and mine here in Virgilville.

Talk to me about mixed signals offlist....
or at TW...

Hang in there!!