View Full Version : Cracker for sale and the Hearse too

02-26-2008, 03:11 AM
Ok We went and brought Cracker home from the farm, After a motivated buyer said that she wanted it, Unfortunantly her father wasnt quite as Motivated.
Not sure what people expect to get out of a 2500.00 Car.
Anyways Heres what YOU Can Expect out of a $2500.00 Car.
1981 S&S endloader, with Sliding rear table,368 with 35,000 miles, automatic transmission,White exterior, Black top, Near Mint Blood Red velour interior, from the backdoors forward the body is nearly perfect, from the quarters back, you can expect to do some rust repair, Certainly not a $3000.00 dollar repair as suggested by unmotivated buyer, and that was if it was done by his friend.....Rear bumper also has Rust on it, and the grill while beautiful to look at and still attached to the car needs a mounting tab put on to secure it better. $2500.00 car starts with the turn of a key, does 90 down the freeway for over two hours without a problem. Previous owner spent alot of cash removing the pollution and airconditioning and adding on lil performance items, so If you need Airconditioning on your 27 year old $2500.00 car this isnt the car for you.
A few new things that have been replaced over the last 2000 miles, that total out to 2294.00 in costs.
New Battery
New thermostat and Gasket, while Atalie was driving cracker home from the farm the heat stopped blowing Hot air, so first thing yesterday morning I went and got a new thermostat and swapped it out, Cracker now blows luke warm air in 32 degree temps,
New Edelbrock 600 4 barrel Carb
New Alternator
New Head gaskets due to the previous owner having Heads Ported and polished and Valves redone
New edelbrock chrome kit
New flowMaster dual Exhaust
New Belts
New Plugs
New wires
New cap
New rotor
New Brakes front and rear
New powersteering pump
New pioneer cd withdetachable face with indash display
New Pioneer In dash speakers 3 way
Kenwood 640 watt Amp
Gold Series wiring kit
New fullsize spare tire
Ok so there you have it in a nutshell, this is what you will get with this $2500.00 Car. Please be sure to read the following, IF YOU ARE A TIREKICKER, FOODSTAMP COLLECTOR, OR CRACKHEAD LOOKING FOR A JOY RIDE DO NOT REPLY, More Importantly IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A NEW CAR FOR $2500.00 DO NOT REPLY, Hit the lottery, take a second mortage out on your house,Rob a bank, do whatever you have to to get $100,000.00 AND HEAD DOWN TO THE FACTORY AND PICK ONE UP AT THE DOOR, But Do not I repeat show up at my door and try nickle and diming This 27 year old $2500.00 Car to death, all thats going to do is piss me off.
Forgive me if I sound annoyed, but Not only did I just waste $130.00 in Fuel but I wasted my most valuable possesion, TIME, TIME that I do not have right now, Due to trying to get ready for the Transworld show. the fact that the Car that spent the winter stored indoors is now sitting in the driveway covered in freeking snow! Really really Pisses me off.
Make this a Mental Note, YOU WILL NOT, YOU CAN NOT, Find a Nicer , LOW MILAGE HEARSE for $2500.00 Ok so here are a few pictures.

02-28-2008, 02:31 AM
SOLD! To the Fat KID in Pennsyvania!

Jim Warfield
02-28-2008, 04:12 AM
Did the buyer also get the ghost in the picture of the back seat-area?
See it right there? that reflection sort of face off to the left?
"Somebody" would rather remain in the car than get buried.
Me too.

02-28-2008, 01:09 PM
Jim Funny and yet eerie story, My silver hearse, gone now to a better life, was interestingly enough Haunted,
Stereo was always acting up, continueously, id say knock it off, it would correct itself, was transporting a bunch of ballons to a party, something kept popping all the ballons, then one day I took a picture of the car and their in the side window bewteen the glass and the curtain was the face of a lil boy plain as day! I named him Billy!