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10-11-2006, 09:50 AM
Thanks all for your thoughts and prayers. My Dad died in his sleep laast night at about 11PM. So funny how it happened, one month ago today he got the news from the Doctor that he might have months to live. Last week at this time he was bragging about how great he felt. Anyhow, agian, thanks, and hopefully I can make him proud this weekend as my crew scares the hell out of people and he can hear all the laughter...

10-11-2006, 09:59 AM
MY prayers are with him. Sorry to hear that..but at least it was painless.

I am sure he will be missed by your and your family.

10-11-2006, 10:00 AM
Ron, I'm so sorry to hear of your father's passing. Thoughts, prayers and well wishes to you and yours.

10-11-2006, 10:08 AM

On the behalf of Screamline Studios, please accept our deepest regrets for you and your family in regards to your fathers passing.

We mourn with you our Haunt Brother -

10-11-2006, 10:10 AM
Sorry to hear of the news. We will be thinking of you and your family during this difficult time.

10-11-2006, 11:15 AM
I'm so sorry to hear of your father's passing....
we'll be praying for you and your family.

10-11-2006, 11:29 AM
I'm so so sorry to hear about this... I'm deeply, truly sad hearing about what happened to your father.