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02-29-2008, 04:24 PM
Our buyer on Ebay backed out so this is on the block again for sale.

This is all items to have your home haunt or add to your existing home or commercial haunt.

We are providing three pnuematic props cofffin with jumping grim reaper, trash can trauma, and a mini pop, costumes, some masks, body parts, life size static props, crank ghost, 2 toxic waste dump barrells, cemetary props with headstones and some walls. We have props for outside as well as inside. electrical items including outside flood lights in sorts of colors and extension cords.

Top many props to list.

Also two inflatables one of a cat archway with four legs and a life size haunted house that can be used as an attraction catcher as people drive by.

You would have everything you would need to start a full home haunt. This is for Pick up only in Connecticut. that you can create your own pnuematic creature and place it in anything you want or on its own. The pnuematics come with either pressure pad or sensor activated.

Any questions please contact me. jilami@yahoo.com . We are anxious to get rid of the whole lot and not piece meal it out.

John Coen
03-03-2008, 06:22 PM
Perhaps you could donate it all to a non-profit charity to use as a fundraiser.