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Kevin Dells
03-04-2008, 06:02 PM
Just recently the Crew at Woods Of Terror on Church Street created a new website for our actors to work together during the off season,although we invite actors from all over to join us.

Im sure some of you are thinking why another Message Board?
Well this is for actors,not just owners. Over the years i have taken my crew from Rockford Illinois to Transworld, weve seen that haunting is a very big industry.

Yet many haunt actors can't go! So little by little im going to bring the conventions to them by doing interveiws with the company's that provide haunts with cool products!

Im also going to invite any company that would like an interveiw to please contact me, im looking for more interveiws,tell us whats new this year. I meen hey it's a free plug! It costs you nothing!

Any haunt owner feel free to invite your actors aboard our message boards.Weve got actors coming in from All over! so there will be a lot to learn and share.

Were also going to do step by step tutorials with pictures on make up techniques, if you have a make up artist that likes to share please have them contact me about how to submit a tutorial.

This website will be a little different from all the rest as well as a recruitng tool for the Woods Of Terror at the same time.

So i had the chance to talk to Rob Johnson from Bodybagging.com about a few things with his bussiness, life, freinds and Haunting! Visit the kids at www.bodybagging.com for all your acting and haunt needs!

Some very witty answers were given, please check it out at www.theterrorsyndicate.com in the articles section.


Watch for Many More articles on www.theterrorsyndicate.com from people all over the industry talking about what the industry's all about, helping actors find thier products and costuming to take their characters to the TOP level at your haunt!

Thanks Kevin"Babyman" Dells