View Full Version : Awards Banquet ... Thought you might enjoy this!

03-09-2008, 01:22 AM
Way back when, I had proposed that IAHA or Transworld do an awards banquet. This was soundly rejected by Leonard Pickel and IAHA... here is an article that was published in an old IAHA something or other.

I think you ought to give it a good read over. There is a lot of history in this document.

What I wanted to do was something totally different... I do actually AGREE with what Leonard wrote here. He is right... it will lead to alot of fighting, hard feelings, and resentment towards an association or its board if they say ONE members haunt is better than all others. I WANT TO MAKE THIS CLEAR... I'M SAYING NO ASSOCIATION SHOULD SAY WHO THE TOP TEN HAUNTED HOUSES ARE, NOT WHO HAS MADE ACHIEVEMENTS IN OUR INDUSTRY. NO ASSOCIATION SHOULD SAY THESE TEN HAUNTS ARE BETTER THAN THE REST OF OUR MEMBERS. I WILL NEVER DO SUCH A THING.

EITHER WAY, I'VE DECIDED TO BAN MYSELF FROM SPEAKING ABOUT IAHA... Just read the article from Leonard I really like it and it offers a bit of history!

Read it and tell me what you think.