View Full Version : Remakes: You hate em'?

03-10-2008, 01:56 AM
It would seem that everytime I talk to people about remakes, I get the same general response: "Peh. Remakes; hate em'."

Lots of horror movies are being remade these days. Texas Chainsaw, Halloween, The Hills Have Eyes, Hellraiser, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, The Blob, The Fly, and so on.

While I'll agree that Hollywood's tank-o-creativity has hit a drought, that doesn't mean that every remake being made is an automatic reject. Is it? Many people I speak with, who have yet to see some of these future releases, already have a strong opinion on how entertaining it will be. More often than not, it's negative.

Is it that they've seen the original so many times, the remake doesn't bring anything suprising to the tabel? Is that people are just sick of every other movie coming out being a remake? Or is that the original has left such a mark on film history that the remake has been given shoes it can never fill? The original film won't go away, it's not any in danger. At least not in any way that I can think of. From what I hear, it sounds like people are threatened by the idea of their favorite movie being redone.

Are there remakes out there that people have actually enjoyed? Do you think there's any hope of them being considerd good by die hard fans of the original flicks?

Or are remakes just insta-turds-in-a-film-can?

03-10-2008, 01:21 PM
Actually, I rather enjoyed the remakes of The Amettyville Horror, Texas Chainsaw (though i wasn't a fan of the prequel), and I actually liked the Halloween remake MUCH more than the original.

I view remakes a bit differently i suppose, especially with horror flicks. A lot of the horror movies being remade are classics, but also show their age (i mean... REALLY show their age.) Special effects have come a LONG way since 10 years ago, let alone 30 or 40 years ago.

I look forward to watching a remake to see if the spirit of the original is captured, and payed its proper dues, all while (hopefully) giving the new film an identity and soul of its own... so to speak.

I was unaware of a Nightmare on Elm Street remake in the works... anyone have any other info on that?

Damien Warwick
03-10-2008, 02:41 PM
Hi everyone. I personally loved both the Texas Chainsaw Massacre as well as its prequel (only because R. lee Ermy is amazing and I love hating him). HOWEVER! I HATE the Halloween remake. I found it to be absolute crap. Oh well, can't win them all I guess.

03-10-2008, 03:28 PM
I was unaware of a Nightmare on Elm Street remake in the works... anyone have any other info on that?

I first heard of the new Nightmare at bloody-disgusting.com (a place for horror movie junkies, like myself).

I've also heard rumors that it's not a remake at all, but instead a prequal to the original. Guess we'll have to wait until more info comes in.

03-12-2008, 01:31 PM
i looked up the Nightmare movie on IMDB and apparently theres a prequel slotted for a 2009 release and a reimagining of the original slotted for 2010. no actors named yet, but it sure sounds interesting!

03-26-2008, 05:28 AM
I like some of the remakes that have been done. Heck some of them are even better due to advances in special effects and just having more experience in movie making. Anyway you better get used to remakes because there are a whole bunch that are slated to be made.

08-08-2008, 07:57 PM
I would have to agree with probably most people when I say that I just don't think most remakes can compare with the originals. For example, I can't imagine two of my favorite movies, Dressed to Kill (the 1980 thriller with Angie Dickinson and Michael Caine) and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (from 1975 with the amazing cast including Jack Nicholson and Louise Fletcher), being made any better than they've already been made.

Stephan (screamwalk
01-07-2009, 11:48 AM
there are some remakes of movies that i found to be better than the original. texas chainsaw massacure remake was just as good as the original. i thought that rob zombies take on halloween had a bit more of an interesting bewggining than the original. but other than that, they all suck. like the remake of psycho? that was mega crap. but all i hope is that in the future, no one remakes saw 1. that would ultimatley suck.