View Full Version : Last year we said we would do this and now...

03-12-2008, 03:43 AM
Okay yes last year I said we were going to do the best new product awards in Hauntworld magazine. I know I said this, and I've been called to the carpet on this by SEVERAL PEOPLE because yet again this latest magazine once again showed no awards for best products.

Heck I'm still getting people emaling me about 'where is the Rocky Point Auction article'. LOL

Its still coming! I haven't forgot.

Anyway... once the show is over I will post on these message boards some photos, video and questions for a poll to vote on best new products.

As anyone who's been around long enough knows... we use to do this EVERY SINGLE YEAR it was an annual event. We stopped doing them...

Oh well... we'll do another one this year. Keep good notes at the show.

Here is the prize for the vendors.