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03-13-2008, 10:41 PM
Here is everything we have so far... keep in mind I'm not done. Before its all said and done we'll have 50 to 100 discounts for you. We're just getting started with this.

Haunted House Association (HHA) Vendor Discount Program

Haunted House Association (HHA) is the only professional haunted house association for professional haunted attraction owners, operators, and vendors. Exclusive to our members are discounts to haunt vendor products. All offers are valid year around, for all members in good standing. All vendors are offered spread sheets of current memberships for proof of membership. All members will be issued an official HHA card (as shown), which can be used at tradeshows and shown to the following vendors below to gain your discounts.
Keep checking this page as additional offers will be added and or current offers can be changed or enhanced.

Happy Haunting
HHA Staff

Admit One Product is the world’s largest online ticket company. We specialize in stock and custom online ordering automation for all types of tickets, wristbands, coat checks, credentials, laminated badges, passes and more. Visit us online at www.admitoneproducts.com and see how you can create your own custom products in minutes, view your proof instantly online, and get your products printed in 1-5 working days.

Our complete E-Ticket and fulfillment service product enables you to sell tickets directly from your website with custom branded web pages with the ability to fulfill your customer’s orders by mail, will call, e-ticket or phone. We offer the lowest convenience fees in the industry.

Discount: HHA members exclusive: 10% off any online product on our website for first time customers valid until September 1, 2008. Enter Promo Code HHA08 when you check out online.
E-Tickets Discount: free e-ticket set up and 1 free scanner rental when you sign up for our e-ticket services. Call now, Linda Kadlac 866 236-4816, ext. 426.

Name: Dean Davis
Company Name: Monster Guts
Description of Company: Monster Guts is a supplier of Halloween prop
building supplies: pneumatics, motors, prop controllers plus many other
unique items for prop building.
Description of Discount Offer: 5% year round to HHA members
Website: www.monsterguts.com
Email: contact@monsterguts.com
Contact Number: 860-230-7297

Phone: 614-542-5000
Fax: 614.542.5010

Address: 1641 Harmon Ave. Columbus, OH 43223

Scarefactory is one of the premier suppliers of haunted house supplies, animations and props. Scarefactory is offer an incredible discount to all HHA members. Scarefactory normally offers discounts to its customers from show discounts to winter specials. If you join HHA you will gain a 5% additionally discount on top of ANY offers Scarefactory is offering at time of purchase.
Unit 70
Phone: 1-614-225-0183 Email: Bo@Unit70.com Email: Brady@Unit70.com
www.unit70.com Unit 70 is one of the premier suppliers of haunted house props and animations. If you join HHA you will gain an exclusive discount of 5% of any order placed with Unit 70 year around.
Name: Tony Wohlgemuth
Contact Number 336-517-2442
Website www.SpookywoodsFX.com
Email tony@SpookywoodsFX.com

Description of Product Full Body Creature Skins. The suits are constructed of the highest quality materials that will cover an actor's entire body with the extreme level. You can customize them yourself to fit the theme of your haunt (Pirate, Prisoner, Mummy, Wild West, Soldier etc.). We also offer them with themed clothing as an upgrade.
Discount 10% off of retail pricing
BodyBag Entertainment
Name: Rob Johnson
Contact Number: 313-377-5100 Website : www.BodyBagginG.com, www.BodyBagEntertainment.com Email: BodyBags@BodyBagging.com
Description of Products: Xtreme Haunt FX DVD, Xtreme Stilt Costumes, FX Appliances, ZombieSkinZ,Zombie Props, and More! Discount Offer: 5% off ShowPrice for all orders, 10% off ShowPrice for ALL CASH and CARRY
Midnight Syndicate Soundtracks
Name Edward Douglas
The industry's premier producers of haunt music - Midnight Syndicate's CDs blend dark orchestral instrumental music and sinister sound effects to create the perfect atmosphere for queues and scenes at your haunt. Description of Discount Offer
5% off any purchase of $90 or more. This discount can be applied in addition to any other special discounts. Website www.MidnightSyndicate.com

Email sarah@midnightsyndicate.com
Interactive Ticketing by Electric Arrow
Name: Dan Voelker
Description of Company: Online Ticketing Provider

Description of Discount Offer: Hauntworld members receive one month free hosting, a $250 value.

Website: www.interactiveticketing.com
Email: dan.voelker@electricarrow.com
Contact Number: 877-253-5676 or 206-529-4067
Rogues Hollow Productions
Company Descriptions: The Haunt Industry's leading website marketing and graphic design company creates cutting edge websites and terrifying artwork and design. Rogues Hollow does website marketing like no one else in the industry to make your site a ticket selling machine! Search Optimization, Graphic Design, Website Design, Myspeace Optimization, Web Trailers, Talking characters, and much more! Visit our website for more information on all our services!
Discount Description: Rogues Hollow will offer an additional year of website hosting to any of our Website packages to HHA members. A $70 vailue!

Website: www.RoguesHollow.com
Email: info(at)rogueshollow.com
Phone: 614.408.3137
Illusionator, Inc.
51 Pepperell Road
Hollis, NH 03049

Company Description: Illusionator offers special effects and custom banners to haunted attractions, family entertainment centers, and amusement parks. We have created VideoArt – real canvas paintings that come alive with ghostly full-motion video and sound. Also exclusive to Illusionator is Dead Eyes – a large banner with your choice of face and amazing moving video eyes, customized for your attraction. In addition, we offer new lenticular eyes that follow your patrons as they pass -- our own invention, and there is nothing else like it. Plus, we create custom banners in any size for you at great prices, we do the design work for free, and we've created them for many haunts. See our web site for full details, examples, and videos of all our offerings.
Description of Discount Offer: We offer 10% off of any of our products, at any time of year, to any HHA member. Just mention this discount and give us your HHA member number. (Cannot be combined with other discounts.) Website: www.illusionator.com Email: info@illusionator.com
Contact Number -- Call toll Free: (888) PRO-HAUNT, or our regular phone number: (603) 465-2554

Offer a 5% discount year round for members of www.hauntedhouseassociation.org. www.poisonprops.com
Ghost Ride Productions
Offering an EXCLUSIVE discount to ALL Haunted House Association members... 10% on ALL orders YEAR around with no minimums. www.ghostride.com
12728 N.E. 15th Place
Bellevue, WA 98005
Phone: 425-452-0400
Fax: 313-557-1882

Michael Chaille, President
Complete line of Animatronics / Electric Props/Haunted House Props/ Halloween Costumes/ Halloween Masks/
Bloody Static Props / Custom Facades
5% show discount to all members
Website: Hauntedprops.com
E Mail: sales@hauntedprops.com
PH: 631 220 3424 Joe Persampiere
Distortions Unlimited Corp.
152 30th St.
Greeley, CO 80631
Discount Offer: 5% in addition to any general discount we're offering (such as a Transworld discount) Company Info. Animatronics, Props, masks, hands, costumes ... in business 30yrs.
Pale Night Productions

Pale Night Productions is a company that specializes in high quality, low
cost animations and special effects. PNP also does a considerable amount
of custom prop fabrication. With actual degree holding engineers doing
all design and fabrication work, you can be sure that a product from Pale
Night Productions is a product that will last you for many seasons.

Additional 5% off any product prices (including TransWorld prices). Also,
for every $1000 spent with us at TransWorld HHA members will receive a
FREE bottle of our Perma-Blood. That's an additional $40 value on top of
the already great savings! www.palenightproductions.com
kpolley@palenightproductions.com (618) 616-2533

Kip Polley, B.S. MfgE, CMfgT
Owner / Operator
Pale Night Productions, L.L.C.
(618) 616-2533
Edge Designs
Edge Designs wants to extend 10% discount to your new HHA group. This means they can get an additional 10% the show price, making the go blow effects $ 1,890.00! 602-944-7385 www.edgedesignonline.com
Scareparts is a leading company in design and fabrication of custom props and animations and features a full line of animations. Scareparts offers members of HHA a 5% discount on any and all orders year around. www.ScareParts.com 614 850 9946

Gore Galore

Po Box 87
Cynthiana, IN 47612
fax: 1-309-410-2893
Gore Galore is one of the premier prop companies in the haunt industry. Gore Galore creates custom props, costumes and much more. Gore Galore will offer HHA members 10% on all orders year around. www.gore-galore.com

03-13-2008, 10:45 PM
Here is another ...

Fright Dome Studios
Creates custom costumes for the haunted house industry and props.
www.frightdomestudios.com (http://www.frightdomestudios.com/)
(702) 252-0382
(702) 233-3909
We will offer an additional 5% off our show specials to all HHA members.