View Full Version : Taters Transworld Timeout....and Dinner on Wednesday?

03-14-2008, 10:59 PM
Dear Fellow Haunters

As most of you know that Rich Hanf will be hosting a informal get together on Tuesday to talk about all things haunt related called the Last Blast. If any of yall want to get together on Wednesday and have a get together where we can tell stories and brag about each others haunts then please Private Message me and i will give you my cell phone number, so i can arrange for us to meet up and where we are having dinner. I realize this is last minute so i dont expect much of a turnout. Also Rotting Flesh Radio is having me do a spot called Transworld TimeOut, which will cover everything outside the show. Dinners, Shows, Attractions, If yall have any ideas of what we could do or wanna do some of the things i have planned then again Private Message me.

Sincerly yours