View Full Version : Making Inflatable Structures

03-23-2008, 12:16 PM
Last year one of my workers really wanted to do some inflatable "bumpers" for one of the rooms he was thinking of, he wanted something people had to push through almost like columns - his idea was that you would never know what was around the next bumper. This year I figured I would find some info for him and use it in a dark area of our haunt.

Is there a way to make these inflatable structures or is it cheaper to by this type of item?

They would need to be fairly strong and hold air well, I know it's basically a nylon material with a large blower attached - but it there a specific type of material and blower?

Jim Warfield
03-23-2008, 01:02 PM
Buy sheets of vynl, Goop glue. Fold the vynl over, glue a 1/2"
flap down, to itself, allow to dry, then you glue the under/glued flap part to the face of the vynl to make a real good glued edge .
Get an inner tube from a car or bike, cut out the fill valve,making a large circle of rubber around the valve, Goop glue this onto your vynl bag for the air fill valve.
Who knows? This might all work?
A vynl bag filled with old carpet padding might work too.