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03-23-2008, 04:55 PM
On behalf of ClearCut, I would like to thank everyone who stopped by our booth at TransWorld this past week. Being on the "other side of the table" was a new experience for me, since I've only been to TransWorld before as a buyer for my own event! Although I really didn't get a chance to get away from our booth much, I did meet some great people. Jason and Gina over at Elswarro were awesome people. Larry from Abracadaver was extremely nice (and had a great werewolf suit), and even though I didn't get much of a chance to speak to Spookywoods, their quality costumes looked even more impressive in person.

The noise and crowds of TransWorld really made it tough to have as in-depth and personal of a conversation as I would have liked to have with each of you that stopped by. ClearCut's Point of Sale system is something that you can tailor for each of your haunt's unique needs and specifications, and I'd love to talk to any of you guys that would like to discuss your own needs and how we can handle them.

Point of Sale is a new topic for the haunted industry. Systems have been used for years in theme parks, family entertainment centers (FEC), rinks, bowling alleys, restaurants, retail establishments, and more. Until now the haunted industry has not been exposed to a full scale point of sale system, specifically made with us haunters in mind.

ClearCut Point of Sale not only allows you to produce a theme park ticket on-demand at time of sale, but is also a FULL revenue management system funneling all of your ticket sales, concession sales, and retail sales/inventory, into one system. Inventory, coupons, voids, refunds, are tracked and cashiers can only perform predetermined tasks until a manager override is required allowing you to gain more control and perspective on your operation.

Within the next two weeks we will be producing an online video which will showcase all of the features within ClearCut Point of Sale. As of right now we can do a live online demonstration via the web and speak on the phone, but this online video will allow you to review the software prior to speaking with us, therefore we can talk with your list of questions in-hand. We also will be introducing additional pricing options which I will have available this week when I follow up with everyone from the show.

I am happy and excited to expose the industry to a haunter-friendly point of sale system. And if the system is purchased through ClearCut or not, I will be more then happy to assist and familiarize any haunter with point of sale.

If anyone needs my contact information, here it is again:

845 926 4789

And again, those of you I met at the show, if there are more questions, please give me a call or send me an email. If we haven't talked yet, I look forward to showing what ClearCut can do for you.

Thank you,
Ken Darrigo
ClearCut Operations, Inc.