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03-25-2008, 10:47 PM
looking for your input seen many new e-ticket companys in vegas who do you use? why ? who is the best? ADMIT ONE PRODUCTS, CLICKnPRINT, INTERACTIVE TICKETING, SCREAMPASS thanks for any and all input

RJ Productions
03-26-2008, 10:19 AM
Hey derek6star...

We used ScreamPass originally and Click N Print for our own show and the tour.
First Scream Pass is sort of on "hiatus". They are merely a provider, they do not own or operate a ticketing system. So until they can secure a provider they are in limbo. The others are their own provider.
I had no problems at all with Click N Print. Easy to work with, quick to respond, multiple ways to set up their system. I would highly recommend them.

Interactive Ticket showed at TW, I do not know much about them.

Admit One is very proactive, they have contacted me several times. They seem very nice and comparable.

Differences to know...
Click N Print- this is their only business, total focus
ADmit One- secondary business, primary is roll tickets, preprinted tickets, wrist bands.
Interactive-again not too familiar
ScreamPass- does not own a system has to go through another provider so you have another layer you must pay for.

Most should be able to service you. COntact each and see which benefits best suit your needs. Also make sure you require only a ONE year program, NO MULTIYEAR contract. IF you do not like the service, you can switch next year.

Good luck

03-27-2008, 08:03 PM
Thanks Rich for the info,it is great to see people like you taking the time to help others, just like what you, randy, and everyone responsible for the vegas haunt tour did.The day afther the tour i made i point to stop at randys booth to say thanks and also stopped you in an isle to say thanks. To everyone esle involved in putting on the tour THANK YOU you all gave us something haunted to do instead of shows ,casinos I think the weather sucked cold cold if it was normal vegas weather more people would have had better time Line Entertainment i had a great time in line talking and being entertained by the great guys from Pirates Of Emerson thanks to all Derek

03-31-2008, 07:27 AM
looking for your input seen many new e-ticket companys in vegas who do you use? why ? who is the best?

I can't say yet for sure, I am gathering proposals for the first time this year as well. I can tell you this though, I spoke with Rich briefly last month with an issue I had, he put me in contact with Clint at ClicknPrint who was incredibly helpful. Great service from this Co. including quick Call Backs (yes, on the phone...) to ensure everything was OK. I ended up discussing online ticketing with Clint Cobb who had a great proposal together for me in just Hours.

Anyhow, contact them all, get their info. Talk to C&P (Tell them Rich and Aaron sent you) :D