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03-26-2008, 05:05 PM
Attention all glorious visitors of the Nation of HauntWorld. We the people of civilizations of ancient Greece, ancient Egypt and the Vikings invite you take the Mythological Challenge.

The Best Greek, Egyptian or Viking Costume at the Eastern Haunters Convention Costume Ball this year will receive a brand new Canon PowerShot A560 Camera.


In addition, you will receive a Museum of Mythology Trophy declaring you the winner of this years Mythology Costume Ball Contest.

Numerous prizes, and events will be happening at the Eastern Haunters Convention, to learn more about the Costume Ball, please go to: http://www.easternhauntersconvention.com/costume_ball.htm

Did I mention we have a FREE 2 hour open Bar......yes, that was FREE Open and Bar all together!!! In addition, we have an amazing menu of food for your enjoyment.....

And if you don't go after the all you can eat free food and booze....THIS guy will !!!!


Above image is the Guardian to the entrance of the Viking Underworld, Nilfeim. The animated character was hand designed and programmed by Unit 70 for the Museum of Mythology with custom warnings to all those who pass by into the Norse Underworld......

Hope to see you all there!


Robert Kocher, Xanthar of the Museum

Museum Curator of the "Museum of Mythology"


03-26-2008, 08:40 PM
Does mummy costumes count as Egyptian? I just finished two custom mummy costumes that look great. I'm sure I can get one of my actors to wear them to the ball.

03-26-2008, 09:33 PM
ODIN! Will you people STOP putting horned helmets on Vikings and other people of Nordic descent. VIKINGS DID NOT WEAR HORNED HELMETS!!! This is a piece of propaganda put out by Christian Monks of the time, to portray Vikings as devils and not real humans. IT IS A FALSE DEPICTION! No more horned helmets! Or, by Thor, I will hunt all you transgressors down and split you from collarbone to crotch with my ax and read the rest of your sorry futures in your entrails!

03-27-2008, 05:33 AM
Infoamtek you are correct Vikings did not wear horned helmets and your reasoning for why this started is correct. However, Nordic people have grown comfortable with the depection of horns and they themselves depect their Viking ancesters with horned helms now. I think it adds to their intimidation factor. Vikings were a fascinating people, highly influencing the world in many ways...


03-27-2008, 07:49 AM
Allan, I am of Norwegian descent and a Viking reenactor. Those who accept horned helmets are simply ignorant of the truth. Vikings were also a practical people. A horned helmet is dangerous to the wearer in battle. When struck in battle, the helmet would either fly of the head, or worse, would break the neck if securely fastened. Not a good thing.

03-27-2008, 11:17 AM
To answer a few questions.

#1) Yes, a Mummy Costume would absolutely be considered an Egyptian Costume.

We are a museum of MYTHOLOGY, so, things that suppossedly existed count as actual items......Medusa, Mummies, Giant Scorpions, you name it.....

================================================== ======

#2) As far the horns go, yes, we at the museum know that. Actually, we have been preparing this thing for 7 years, so you can't possibly imagine the amount of research that went into all three myths. The length and complexity of the Norse myths are astounding. I'm in the process of building the Well of Urd as we speak...

However, I will have to disagree with you on one point. In general, Norweigans, Scandanavians etc do not really take offense to the viking horns as the portrayal of the vikings.

First, it is SO engrained in society (look at the Minnesota Vikings NFL logo), there is not much that can be done about it....

The largest Scandanavian society in the country (Vasa Park - a huge housing development and society where you HAVE to be scandanavian to live there) have been consulting me on various issues and after talking it over with some of their board of directors here is what we will follow as a general concept.

#1) The Museum is MYTHOLOGY museum.....if you want 100% facts, go watch the history channel (and this will be clearly explained in the museum), we are an attraction for fun, not a text book to go take a test with.

In Viking Mythology, Trolls and Elves and Dwarves existed....however, in real life, they do not. So, we will design them exactly how we want them to look....our Fire Giant is going to be 14 feet tall....he is from mythology.

Also, the Scandanavian Board, and our people came up with the general concept that the HORNS are a great way to show the difference between the Mythological, Undead or Gods, and those characters whom are suppossed to be real.

So, an undead warrior who is TALKING in front of Valhalla can and will have a horned helmet. Heck, we can even say it magically stays on in battle (the guy is undead talking for pete's sake).

Thus, in every way possible, I'm incorporating fantasy (viking horns and magic items) into all the fantasy creatures....absolutely...it is what people want AND what people expect to see.

Now, for the areas and scenes that will be describing true history, then yes, we will be historically accurate.

We plan on setting up a replica Kensington Runestone for example. We might setup a display of the Viking Attack on Lindisfarne, or have a life size Erik the Red....any of those things would be historically accurate (and avoid things like horns on helmets).

However, the fantasy world....everything is open. The argument that he didn't have horns doesn't make sense because you overlooked the premise that for him to have gotten there and be speaking as undead, a Valkryie already flew in after he died in battle, and took him to Valhalla, where his body was brought to Odin, and reincarnated.....

If all of those fantasy things can happen to bring this guy to life, then it's an easy jump to say that Odin favors his undead troops and their status with horned helmets....you get the idea.

We presented this idea years ago and it by far got the best response to allow us to represent both historical sections (when needed) and the fantasy aspects when needed. We want to have fun with this all as an attraction, not a historical work.

I am happy that you did know about the horn issue in the first place though :)

Xanthar of the Museum

Jim Warfield
03-27-2008, 11:38 AM
My brother who knows more ancient stuff than most professors said the Vikings did not wear horns on helmets but another group of people who came long before them, in pretty much the same area of the world, did wear horns on their helmets.
I could see an advantage to the horns IF someone was swinging a sword down, it slid off the pointy helmet but came to a stop when it hit the horn instead of continuing downward through the shoulder. Even if it tipped the helmet from the wearer's head it still might absorb enough of the blow to be defensively beneficial.
Some costumes I have worn with things sticking out were a real drag to get around in, hard to make it through a doorway,this especially applied to my world-banned nudist costume!