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03-28-2008, 07:14 PM
i am gonna help a fire dept as part of my haunt. would that help in a small town ?and what are some other charities i can get involved with?

03-31-2008, 11:17 AM
I ran a haunt for our local fire dept. for 5 yrs and all i got was a migrain from it.

First the money was for toys for tots, but they never seen any of it.
Second the deal was the fire dept. would help with man power, it never happend.

After 5 yrs of doing this thing we (my wife and I) find out the money was going to the fire dept. union funds paying for all the members and not going to any of the charitys they said it would go to, plus we where having some of the firemen skimming money off the top, last yr we had 1700 bucks come up missing and when we said something to them they acused us of stealing our own props.
Plus everything had to be voted on, I MEAN EVERYTHING, its a wonder anything got done! After working with this group I really felt scammed!

I will NEVER EVER go in with another group, i'll just do it on my own so i will have complete control over everything!

Mr. Haunt
03-31-2008, 11:34 AM
I would not rule out what you want to do for the Fire Dept. or a charity.

I think what happend to the haunter above my post (sorry I did not catch the name) got "taken advantage of". For that I am sorry. Before you go working with another group Fire Dept, Police, or what ever, before you start you need to lay down the line and make CLEAR that what every penny you make from haunting goes to charity, if they sa NO then find someone else do do a haunt with. Or work out a deal like spliting the profits down the the center. Or better yet, three ways. Some goes to the charity, some goes to the Fire Dept, and the other goes back into your haunt for new props.

I am just saying work close with a partner in crime no matter who they are. Anything you agree on GET IT ON PAPER! This way if there is a problem, you can say "we agreed on this and I have proof". If it goes past this, now you will have proof to bring to a court of law. The only way to help your self in a court is to have PROOF!

Mr. Haunt