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10-16-2006, 04:59 PM
another busy weekend for geoff beck and myself. we started it out by visiting DREAMREAPERS in chicago both friday and saturday night. the new sets they designed and built are soooo fricken awesome words cannot describe them. they have incorporated a water fall and several pools of water. all the cast and crew rocked out the haunt until it closed. both geoff and i want to extend our thanks to ken spriggs (and his wife jen who helped us out quite a bit), j.t., mike cash, and rick zawodniak. and a special thanks to all the cast and crew who did a fantastic job this weekend.
on sunday we took off to tim and anne marie's haunt in waukesha wisconsin. the MORGAN MANOR guys are getting to be old friends of ours. they treat us like rockstars when we come to town. again geoff and i would like to thank the folks of MORGAN MANOR for letting us come on out and have a good time haunting with ol' friends.
for more info these haunts check out their websites at:
www.dreamreapers.com ---dreamreapers
www.nightmares4u.com ---morgan manor

todd poole
screamline studios

Ken Spriggs
10-17-2006, 11:21 AM
TODD you and Geoff are always welcome in Chicago!!!!!

Had a great time.