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Alan Harris
04-01-2008, 11:10 AM

I've been running a 3D haunt in Central Jersey for the past few years. I am selling the following items as a lot.

1. Scare Air Chamber - 33X33 feet. (value approx $4,000)
This unit is CUSTOM PAINTED by Stuart Smith in Chromadepth 3D.
Unit includes all doors, storage bag, stakes, repair kit, and heavy duty blower.
The chamber is pre-strung with heavy chord in a grid pattern 8 feet above the floor.
Allowing canvas panels and lighting to be hung in virtually any maze configuration quickly and easily. (I use zip ties and change it every night)

2 - Dozens of CUSTOM PAINTED Stuart Smith 3D Panels
There are enough panels to fill this haunt three times over. These are classic Stuart and HUGE crowd pleasers. Themes include Clowns, Teddy Bears, Candy Forest, Balloons, Ghosts...
Panels range from 4X8 singles to huge 12X8 panels.
Very IMPRESSIVE artwork. The 3D effect is AMAZING.

3 - 500+ (maybe up to 1,000, need to count). ($400-$800 value)
These glasses are black cardboard and have Terror on the Wharf artwork on them

4 - Lighting Effects (Paid over $1,100 for all of this)
2 Dozen blacklights (24 and 48 Inchers)
1 Chavuet LED Blacklight.
Insanely bright. Equivelant of 8-48' tubes. Will illuminate panels up to 40 feet away. Generates NO HEAT and can create strobe and heartbeat effects.
Several MISC lighting effects (Spots, moonflowers...)
1 Green LASER
8 Port laser that provides Liquid Sky and Bar effects
2+ fog macnines
Includes Terror Tunes Soundtrack

5 - Electrical chords, zip ties, stakes, repair kit....
Everything you need to get set up and running

Asking $5K ($4.5K for fast sale). Unit is in Northeastern PA but can be moved to Central Jersey. PICKUP Only. I have no facilities to ship.
(Had a deal at $10K last year that fell through)

Please call or e-mail for photos and video.

Alan Harris
732 239-2008