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Mr. Haunt
04-06-2008, 07:47 PM
After learning about contacting nonprofits to partner in haunting, and talking to a few people that I know, I think that I have found my partner. At least I think it will be my best opportunity.

I am a union member for the job I have working at a grocery store. My union donates a lot of money every year to various charities and causes. So after talking a little about my idea to a union steward, he suggested that I write a proposal. So thatís what I have started to do. I know that you suggested contacting someone directly, but this is what I was told to do by my steward.

This union is nonprofit, so I hope that this helps a bunch. Everything being purchased as a tax write off should help a lot. I also hope that this will help in hiring a consultant, I want to make the best out of this fundraiser, so I am not taking any chances! My unionís hall is very large in size, not sure of the square footage, but itís in a good location. But if we canít use it, I do have a plan B.

I hope that I can get a lot of union members involved to. MAKE IT A BIG SHIN DIG!

So I am open to any suggestions or idea's if you have them!


Mr. Haunt

Jim Warfield
04-06-2008, 08:02 PM
Suddenly all the lights go out!
Then the extremely scary old song, sung by a chorus of elderly women fills the darkness..."Look for the Union label, dah, dah, da-da!"
.... then the lights go back up and a mob of bloodthirsty maniacs attack, ripping people's clothes off! (Looking for that label!)

My Great Uncle was digging ditches with a shovel in 1929, then graduated to steam shovel operator, then became a union steward, often paying other's union dues for them when times got tough. He had quite a sense of humor. He never left his office like the guy in the next office (who was absent mostly) so when someone would inquire about that guy my Uncle would get a somber look and say, "They found him hanging in that office just yesterday."
He was good, he'd let them think the worst for awhile, then begin laughing!