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04-11-2008, 01:40 AM
Did you buy a banner ad? Okay next week we're going to update the site, with new banners, and featured listings. If you haven't bought a banner for 2008 your banner is coming off. If you bought a banner and you're not yet up you're going up.

Here is what you MUST DO NOW... if you bought a banner email me directly darkrides@sbcglobal.net the following info...

Haunt Name
states you bought
slots you bought
and if you want a NEW banner to replace the old one you must send me the banner 468x60 jpeg or gif

Send this NOW!


04-11-2008, 01:45 AM
Tips for banner creation...

Better banners get more hits, so don't go cheap on these banners. Have someone like Rogues Hollow or Brainstorm Studios to make these for you!!!

It doesn't matter if you have the #1 banner in a state if your banner stinks then your hits will go down. I must say a lot of banner I see are not good.

Also be direct and to the point...

The Darkness (add cool scary background with logo)

Make sure you tag line says the city and the state and CLICK HERE

For example

The Darkness (logo)
Rated the best haunted house in St. Louis, Missouri CLICK HERE

Are you buying a banner in a state other than your own? For example in my area I'm buying Illinois. OKay so I will make a custom banner for that state...

The Darkness (logo)
Southern Illinois Best Haunted House CLICK HERE

Now lets say I'm buying a banner in a state even further away...

The Darkness (Logo)
MidWest Best Haunted House CLICK HERE

Something along those lines... keep it simple, to the point, and identify where you are, who you are, and make sure the banner ROCKS!