View Full Version : Xtreme Costumes SALE!!!

04-11-2008, 06:11 AM
BodyBag Entertainment for a VERY LIMITED time is offering Their XTREME STILT COSTUMES at Transworld ShowPricing. These BadBoys are available in both Xtreme Haunt stilt versions and Xtreme Haunt walker versions.... Now your Character has the choice of being able to run after your victims or tower 40 inches above.
In my Eyes the only thing scarier than a 9 foot tall monster is a 8 foot tall monster that can chase you down !
Got a certain theme for your Haunted Attraction, BodyBag Entertainment can custom create a stilt Costume especially for YOU!!!!
TW show price for these Professionally created, One of a kind Costumes was $1750.00 Take advantage of the HHA vendor discount and you can too can own a BodyBag stilt costume for only $1575.00 thats $425.00 off site price.
Each costume come complete with, YOUR CHOICE of STILTS, Hand Painted 8 Piece ZombieSkinz set,
Stilt Skirts, Pants, shirt, Jacket, HandPainted Mask.
Yove seen these costumes at the Transworld, youve seen them at HauntCon, youve seen them at MHC... Nows YOUR chance to own one.


Pics do not do these Costumes justice.... More pics available on request!