View Full Version : Paranormal Group investigates our HH site

04-15-2008, 09:09 AM
Very interesting off season happening.

We had an initial visit from a couple of members of the Indiana Paranormal group at our event site, the Haunted Hotel. Our building is about 80 years old in a building that has commercial stores on the first floor and we occupy the area upstairs that was originally a bunch of apartments. We started setting up in 1998 and the upstairs had not been used for anything other than a little storage since at least 1973. The electrical panel was replaced then, but no-one lived there at the time or since. All the wallpaper and wood is well seasoned and makes for great scenery.

The group contacted us because of the hotel story line, but they were not deterred with reality of the apartments. We have had several people, including myself, have occurances of wierd happenings. The one from our group that has had at least a couple of sightings was there last night to tell his story.

One of the investigators said she felt at least eight spirits may be present.

The paranormal group has set a date of April 25 to bring in a long list of equipment to try to document any spirits/ghosts/hauntings. They will stay the night with our person.

They say that a movie producer who has done a couple of other films may come as well. One or two have been IMAX films. Or he may come later. She insisted on all who have had sightings/events to try to be present for him when he comes so he can interview them on camera.

Only drawback is that their investigation results cannot be given to us if the movie stuff is done until after the film is released. We will be invited to the opening, though!

SO, until we know more, we will be patient and maybe get some off season publicity out of it.

Jim Warfield
04-15-2008, 09:43 AM
Real haunting will cost you some ticket sales.
People are afraid.
I know this well.

The publicity might bring you some "customers" that you will not like to have show up, for any amount of ticket money.
Invest in better locks.
I'm sending you a private message.