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Jim Warfield
04-16-2008, 09:17 PM
I have very clear signage here:"No Cell Phones!" Yet 3 out of four people seem to bring them in here and maybe one out of ten loses or thinks they have lost their phone inside of my house causing me a whole lot of extra, unnecessary work!
"Admission is $12.00 please, Thank You! Do you have a cell phone with you right now that you are bringing in the house?"
"Then that will be another dollar please for that privilege!"

What does everyone think of this?
Call me on your cell phone, we will talk about it.

Greg Chrise
04-16-2008, 10:00 PM
I think I suggested this years ago, paid lockers in the old ticket booth. Otherwise, you could hire pro pick pockets to get cell phones and it's another $12 admission fee to go through the whole place to find it.

After their 4th paid tour, oh look! is this yours?

Or, you could have a cell phone store up the alley? Sorry you missed yours, you can get another one over there, I think they have used ones you can transfer you number to!?! They're only $149 with a contract!

04-16-2008, 10:05 PM
Here at Pain's, we allow people to bring in their phones. As long as they don't use them in the haunt. Course that didn't stop people from losing them, answering calls, or flipping them open so the phones' lit screen can light the way. But these issues are somewhat rare and haven't been that much of a problem. If someone "forgets" to turn off their phone and gets an incoming call, we answer it. "We" being the actors.

"Who is this!?" "It's Raichel." "Why are you calling!?" "I just wanted to say hi to Justin. Is he there?" "Hi; that's it!? Well, darling, you better not call Justin for a while. Cause now the only way he's gonna answer the phone is with a rubber glove and a heavy dose of ex-lax. Ba-bye."

04-17-2008, 06:39 AM
I have like 50 cell phones in my collection now. It always amazes me when some pissed off people comes and starts yelling he or she needs to go in and find their phone. I ask?
(graystone) Mr. or Mrs Doe did you not see the signs?
(customer) No we did not see it (keep in mind its posted atleast 6 times before they ever enter the attraction and then its reinforced by our employees right before they enter)
(graystone) Well I am sorry to hear that what do you want me to do?
(customer) Well I need my phone and I need to go in and get it. Can you stop and turn lights on so I can find it?
(graystone) I sure can but you will need to come back around 1am after we close.
(customer) I need my phone now I cant come back I got 1 million things to do tonight and sleeping is not one of them.
(graystone) Well thats the best I can do I cant stop just because you did not follow the rules.
(customer) I already told you I did not see the signs or hear your employee tell me I could not bring it in.
(customer) Well what am I supposed to do?
(graystone) I suggest learn to follow the rules. Come back after we close and wait or go buy a new cell phone either way I will still have mine tonight and maybe yours too!!!!
(customer) My mom, dad, best friend, cousin,nephew,brother,sister, is real sick and I need my phone when they try to call me
(graystone) Well with all the sickness in your family this is the last place you should have been tonight you should have been with your loved one.
Well I hope all thoes reading this will sit back and say Damn Shane Just nailed another one!!!!!!!!!! Keep the yells coming Shane Graystone Manor!

Jim Warfield
04-18-2008, 04:59 PM
You might add this conversation to your menu:"BUZZ!"
The guy answers his cell phone, says just a few mumbled words then hangs up.
"Isn't it nice that Mommy thinks to check on her little man a couple of times a night?
She wasn't too worried about you now was she?"
When the little tune begins playing in the dark of the front room I stop talking and do a Tinkerbell dance until the music stops. On my toes, arms straight up.
The only good thing about cell phones is when the customer can not get any bars and they seem to sometimes think this proves my house is haunted. "Haunted" by cheap cell phones without range.
Maybe the parents intentionally bought the El-cheap-o phone that won't transmit from the trunk of a psycho's car because they don't want their kid back!
Were any of the girls with lost phones just pretending to have an excuse to give you their phone number?
I think this happened after I was divorced a time or two?
A bunch of Phonies! hahahaha!
Of course you probably realize that waiting until closing time to go phone hunting gives ample opportunity for another customer to stomp on the phone or steal it....

04-18-2008, 06:56 PM
I'll tell you something funny about CELL PHONES... and this is good and bad.

In the old days people would use lighters to guide their way through the haunt...HUGE fire hazard.

NOW they use CELL PHONE, which are brighter, don't burn their fingers, and ruin all the scares. The haunt industry should BAN cell phones...LOL


Haunted Illinois
04-18-2008, 09:21 PM
Amen, brother! I have gone through many haunts where all the scares were ruined by some idiot leading his kids through the attraction by the light of his cell phone. LOL

04-18-2008, 10:20 PM

We said the light drives them ape-s***! Why didn't they listen to us!?

Jim Warfield
04-18-2008, 11:41 PM
Tonight, April 18th, during my front room routine after a cell phone had played and lit up and squeaked several times I said to the four people sitting in my front room:"I don't mean to sound like an azzwhole, but I have a sign right out front saying Not to bring your cell phones in here, and yet you all have brought them in. Why is that?"

"Mine doesn't get a signal here." (But you could still lose it while you are here.)
"Mine doesn't work here either."
So out of five people these are all of the answers that they gave me.?
They are from just 20 miles away, yet their phones don't work here, once again making me wonder if Daddy and Mommy really don't want their kid as safe as they could be from kidnapping.