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04-17-2008, 01:54 AM
1) ATTENTION VENDORS: The new yellow pages will be complete soon! Once its done all vendors can start making profiles and accounts. It will be FREE!

2) Do you have something to sell? Once the new yellow pages is DONE, you can also create an account and upload your used equipment or new products or whatever you can put it all up for sale by adding photos, videos you name it.

THIS IS FREE! It will be done within a week or so...this will be the new place all industry people use to sell and buy used equipment.

3) YET ANOTHER new feature coming for our haunted house directory....

If you haven't already heard...right now you can leave comments on other peoples profiles, much like MYSPACE. You can also write articles about your haunt, with your blog feature. You can also add videos, and photos and so much more...if you haven't already make sure you get in there and update your profiles.

Well... I have yet ANOTHER feature coming soon. ADD FRIENDS... just like Myspace, you will be able to ask Netherworld to be your FRIEND haunt. In other words The Darkness can show up on Netherworlds profile, and vice versa, simply by sending a friend request. Your logo will then be added to the bottom of say Netherworlds profile as a haunted friend of Netherworld and vice versa.

This is coming soon... like within a week or two.

4) A back end is being built for hauntworld, and once this happens we'll be able to update the site on a whim...so look for more articles, news, and stories once this gets done. We will start uploading old articles, and more featured stories about haunted attractions.

This is all coming within with a few weeks.

5) SEVERAL MORE of my haunt sites will be converted to CLONE sites like Haunted House Online... which includes: www.hauntedhousenet.com (http://www.hauntedhousenet.com) www.hauntedattractions.com (http://www.hauntedattractions.com) www.halloweenattractions.com (http://www.halloweenattractions.com) www.hauntfinder.com (http://www.hauntfinder.com) www.halloweenhauntedhouse.com (http://www.halloweenhauntedhouse.com) and www.hauntedhouses.us (http://www.hauntedhouses.us).

Last but not least www.hauntedhouseassociation.org (http://www.hauntedhouseassociation.org) will feature the Hauntworld haunt directory, it will appear JUST as you see NOW on Hauntworld or HHO. It will work the same, look the same just differnet url like www.hauntedhouseassociation.org/hauntedhouseinhouston (http://www.hauntedhouseassociation.org/hauntedhouseinhouston) or something like that.

6) We are currently UPDATING ALL haunt listings and banners on our system...

If you buy a featured listing or banner you banners and listings will appear on all the sites listed above and Hauntworld.com and HauntedHouseonline.com.

If you have NOT sent in your banners yet, do SO NOW... they must be 468x60 jpeg or gif.

If you have NOT bought a featured listing or banner contact us today...contact Patti at blacklightminigolf@sbcglobal.net

She can get you set up.

If you have not paid for '08 your banners or listing more than likley have already been REMOVED! New ones are going up daily! If you check the site and do not see up what you paid for contact us asap.

Thanks so much!!!


04-17-2008, 05:18 AM
Sounds good larry, guess I'll be busy loading and updating.