View Full Version : HAUNTCON apologies

04-30-2008, 05:01 AM
Im placing this here instead of the hauntcon forum in hopes it will get more views.
It has been brought to my attention, that the organizers of HauntCON didnt see fit to cancel out our booth, or our seminar at HauntCON.
From what I have been told, There was a classroom full of attendees, paitently awaiting BodyBag Entertainment to arrive for our XTREME HAUNT FX made EZ demo, Please accept our apologies, HauntCON was Informed 3 weeks prior to the show that we would not be attending their event. Leonard Knew personally that we would not be there, and apparently didnt bother to scratch the class for whatever reasons.
So once again for those of you that wasted 90 minutes of your life waiting for BodyBag Entertainment, we apologize for the inconvience.