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05-15-2008, 04:55 PM
Luck be told we, for the first time ran into a issue with our city building inspector. See we had some lumber being stored outside our haunt. The building inspector saw this and sent a warning letter to the people that own our building. They didnt mention the letter to us at all. The next month they got a $50 fine and another letter explaining we can not store extra building materials outside. Again the house owner said NOTHING to us about it. Well guess what. Today the city building inspector had ALL our lumber hauld away. Luckly my dad works for the city council and got wind of what was going on so we will be getting our wood back. This time we will be storing it inside! As for the people that own our house. We have been tyring to contact them since Nov. of 2007 and STILL have not received a phone call back from them. It worries me but they are still paying the electricity bill so I guess I cant complain.


05-15-2008, 06:10 PM
Sounds like communication better be a priority if this haunt is going to get on the score board. Either that or don't do it there. Ahhhhh, it's only the beginning too.

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05-15-2008, 07:38 PM
Sounds like it could have been the fire department or nuisance abatement rather than the building department. They have the same thing everywhere and give plenty of notice. But you have to know about the notice.