View Full Version : The Complete Haunted House Book by Tim Harkleroad - on auction again, starting *10$*

05-17-2008, 02:37 PM
So, after my last attempt failed, since somebody told me the book is still available cheaply, I decided to try again with a different approach. This time I am starting the sale at 10$(S&H to US included), so that the final price will be determined by the market - you guys. I remind you that the book is like brand new, I simply have nothing to with it anymore, so I want to sell it quickly.

This is the link to see the book and bid on it:
http://cgi.ebay.com/The-Complete-Haunted-House-Book-by-Tim-Harkleroad-1_W0QQitemZ280228018221QQihZ018QQcategoryZ378QQssP ageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

The bid starts at 10$.

This is the link to campusi.com which scans book prices and shows that my price is the cheapest available online:
Even in the only real-world store which still has it it cost 30$, while I'm selling you guys a like-new item starting at 10$.

The reason I'm selling it so cheap is because I cannot use the buy-it-now option and I want to sell quickly... I don't mind selling it quick and cheaper as long as it doesn't lay around on my desk. 10$ is the cheapest I will sell it since the price includes the shipping, which is around 10$.

You may also email or call me if you have any questions: shy.halatzi@gmail.com , +972-54-4872884 (international call to Israel).

Take care
Shy Halatzi