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Mr Nightmarez
05-20-2008, 06:48 AM
Ok, So back to kicking an obvious dead horse?

Keith has still not come through w/ my MONEY nor my PRODUCT.

I have been busy w/ my wife who has breast cancer and we are dealing w/ that So I sorta took Keith's word again and was promised by first of April to have the items he owes me. Now May is almost over....lies, and more lies...

I have not heard any more lies or truth from Keith since March when he was "Looking at half my order ready to ship" and it would be another week...

Keith... or anyone that knows Keith - I lost Keith's number - and I'm going through a tough time... I want my money or product - Considering it has been a YEAR PLUS since he has had my money - I should charge interest... considering the continuous lies, and after all I continued to trust him...

At this point I could CARE LESS about Keith or his personal issues... ENOUGH IS ENOUGH - we all have personal issues? Keith does your wife have breast cancer? Cancer in the lymph nodes... No more phone calls promising me this and that... I'm to blame for being nice...because I try to be understanding and the good guy - I end up getting screwed... But NOW I don't care. I paid you for product and services. I don't care if you have to sell plasma, your car... I want my money or my product. Easy.

Keith you reap what you sow... I have been MORE THAN NICE. But Now I'm done.

I need the money or product. If not then I need to finally seek the legal aspect -

Anyone else that has not recieved product - please contact me - so we can discuss this.

Keith - If you read this CALL ME.

Sorry to bring this back up - And I'm sorry I believed the continuos lies, deciet and it completely disgusts me...

05-20-2008, 12:01 PM
I'm sorry to hear this. Couple of things. Lets keep this to this one post and no comments from other users. I'm 110% positive he will read this and get together with you today. You might want to post your phone number however just in case he doesn't have it.

Once he's taking care of this for you, you can come back on and let everyone know if it was resolved.

So again I would suggest you post your number and email so he can contact you today. I'll personally put a call into him some time today and make sure he does this. I know he's been on the road a lot over the past two months.


05-20-2008, 02:33 PM
Sorry that I was so matter to the point on the phone but you and I have talked over the past months, I have tried to get your product to you as I said, and you are correct I did say that it would ship a week after we spoke. Sorry that that has not happened, not making any excuses, your situation is all my fault.

I know all are tired of all the "dead horse" and it seems like all the pages that "scareparts" generates. Again I appologize to all the reasonable people out there and the industry for all of this.

Now, Slain if you have my attorneys number please call him today if you don't have it call me and I will provide it to you. Please call me by days end at 614-562-3071.

Mr Dabbs. Your attorney has the money in her account for at least the past three weeks. So you should know exactly where we are in this whole process.

However, you still want to call me a liar and trash me online even though we are in negotioations and each time you do this you are breaking the terms of our settlement and negotiations.

You are getting all your money back AND keeping the three pieces that you have in your possesion. I have even offered to send you the dresser if you would only STOP. Again I say enough.

If anyone needs to contact me about unresolved scareparts matters please do so directly at 614-562-3071

Keith Korner

Keith A. Korner
www.scareparts.com (http://www.scareparts.com/)

Mr Nightmarez
09-09-2008, 12:46 PM
September 2008

Keith won't return the calls again and I still don't have my order from MARCH of 2007!

I have other people trying to help me get my stuff... And I even agreed to trade out for WALL PANELS - that he currently sells.

I need: (2) More Saw Blades (1) GHOULITZER (2) Static Props or as I said AT THIS POINT - I will gladly trade for wall panels.... $1,400 in Walls.
Not to mention the power cord and trip pad for the Theed that looks like hell and the (1) Static Prop that snapped in two...

I hate coming back on here to get a response... but I really want this over...

Thanks, and Sorry to drag this back up.

09-09-2008, 01:26 PM
I ordered tons of stuff from Scareparts and only one flup up missed sending me 8 panels I had ordered but he did eventually get them to me and now my order is complete. I have talked to several people who bought his panels and are very very happy!

I don't know what to tell you, because I haven't talked to anyone who hasn't got what they bought this season... although I will say when you are a one man show its tough.

Answering the phone is not an option these days... did you try email?

If I talk to him I will ask him to get back to you. It's tough getting anyone on the phone right now... like a nightmare! LOL


Mr Nightmarez
09-09-2008, 01:48 PM
The problem is:
Ordered MARCH 2007.

It's September 2008.

A year plus has passed... and I invested $1,400 plus in his business and I have nothing to show for it... but endless promises after promises - Lies after Lies...

"Oh that will ship out next week"

I pulled away for awhile and left him alone - Since my wife is going through Chemo and surgery in 2 weeks with Cancer" This has not been a priority -

I was thrilled to get two Chainsaw Blades - but that was it... and now no return on phone calls.

Sure he took care of you - you could destroy him w/ one article... And $1,400 to you is nothing compared to the rest of us.

I have been FAR UNDERSTANDING and nice throughout this entire thing.

I'm glad others were taken care of... now I would like the same consideration.
IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR? A year and a half later?

09-09-2008, 08:56 PM
Please stay out of it damn! The man needs to be taken care of this is coming up on 2 damn years! WTF is up with that. What pisses me off here Larry is when a complaint comes up your quick to jump and say ' I got mine" its like your throwing it up in his face dude thats just wrong! My suggestion show up at a show and take what you can get right off the floor! Shane

09-10-2008, 08:50 AM
Cash the check that you have had since may. I take full responsibility for last year, the season was a screw up, It was all my fault, etc... I have made things right, not gone out of business, gotten people back their, money, product or in some cases both, whatever.

Yes, I said that i would send your product out on numerous occasions and that has not happened yet. So Cash the check that I sent to you back in may for the product that you did not get last year.

It would be nice to mention the fact that I sent a check to you so people have a full picture of the chain of events here.

You have been patient and I am not directing the following statement at you.

Let me take the opportunity to ask all the "deadbeat" haunters out there that owe scareparts money that time is running out to settle this. We are taking steps to recoup our monies owed to us and become whole again. right now the total is about 31,000.00 owed to us spread out across 7 haunters. We will be allowing our lawyers to go after them at the end of the month, along with collection agencies, courts etc...

Now is your chance to deal with this directly.

Keith Korner

09-10-2008, 01:54 PM
That stands for "Same Old Shit Different Year"
Hope you get your monies Keith.. I think now you kind of know how it feels....

Mr Nightmarez
09-22-2008, 07:32 AM
As I will say again and again...

I paid for product - yes you sent a check but where's the interest!? The missing parts and components I asked for?

I did cash the check since it has been nearly 17 months since the original order.. and I need the cash now... but in my world anyone that pays cash up front deserves what they pay for...

Maybe I'm living in a different world?

It would have been nice to had product - but I understand. Actually I don't...but I'll have to live with it.

It would be nice to get the transformer and pressure pad for the Theed I bought and Paid for and the other 2 Saw Blades.

Mistress DeSade
09-22-2008, 11:20 PM
I would strongly encourage the entire haunt community to cease doing business with Keith Korner.
As the owner of a pro haunt I paid several thousand dollars to Keith just after Midwest Haunters '07 (Jul) for 2 props that he said he had on hand and would be delivered immediately for the '07 season. *This was also the same month I was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer and some nights literally drug myself from chemo to the haunt till 7am to try to eek out an income-and which Keith was well aware*
I received 1 of the 2 props ($320.00 worth) after opening for the season-no details or apologies on where the main prop was. As the prop was key in my final scene-I was not happy.
After months of repeated emails, phone calls, text messages AND a face to face discussion at midwest haunters '08 Keith suggested that even though he could still deliver the dragon prop to me-his new vacuum form wall panels might better suit my needs (less detail work to do since the cancer is physically taking its' toll) and he GUARANTEED I could get them "way before I needed them". Again-after many messages and queries as to status (opening set for 9/26) I was told that the wall panels had been shipped-I could expect delivery on 9/18 (8 days before advertised opening!) and that he was in his car and didn't have a tracking number for me.
I have called repeatedly-I have text messaged-I have emailed. No answer-no return calls-no walls-no refund.
In a strongly worded email sent late saturday afternoon I told Keith point blank that my grace had run out and I had no more patience or inclination to be pleasant about this. His thievery would be exposed on every forum I could post on-and i would not hesitate to sue for damages. I have made the decision not to open Lafitte's Landing this year-and Keith has direct responsibility in this.

Bottom line-Keith has/is screwing a terminally ill fellow pro haunter for several thousand dollars and has had over one year to make good on his promises but has not. I don't want pity. This is a business and I expect business people to behave in an ethical and professional manner-neither of which I have experienced with Keith Korner. And he's supposed to be part of some vendor's alliance? Sounds like we may need a buyer's alliance.
I am darn tired of the sleazy manner some haunters are behaving-and I'm through keeping my mouth closed and hoping. Please stop doing business with thieves folks.

Kathryn DeSautell
Lafitte's Landing Haunted House

09-23-2008, 11:14 AM
Did you pay cash? Did you have a contract formed (legaly) with Keith? If so, you need to seek a lawsuit as soon as you can. I am getting sick of hearing about vendors in this industry that do this! That's why when I go to Transworld in '09... I'M BRINGING CONTRACTS!!!! .. I will NOT allow anyone to do this with my business.

I hope everything works out for you and I am praying for and I hope you get better as soon as possible! -Tyler

11-03-2008, 10:22 AM
He still hasn't delivered on $20,000 worth of props paid for in January of 2006 to Haunted Network in Louisville...

My understanding is he's doing a lot of contract work for Larry on a job in Mexico at this point.

11-07-2008, 04:40 PM
I have a Christmas wish...

It starts with Scareparts: I think Scareparts is a good company, that makes some really awesome products, otherwise I WOULD NOT BUY THEM! However I wish that Scareparts takes this company serious hires an assistant an office manager something so Keith can focus his time and energy on making product.

I want Keith to produce great products for the Transworld show, I want him to clean up everything with everyone and hire that office manager and become one of the go to guys for this industry.

I also want ALL ANIMATION COMPANIES NOT JUST ONE OR TWO BUT ALL animation companies to freaking HIRE haunted house owners who have bought their product to come to their shops and show them what keeps breaking, give them idea's on HOW to stop the problems, and when they make new products let haunt owners come to your shops and tell you what we think might break, or what the potential problems might be.

ALL VENDORS need to do this to improve the quality of their products!


11-07-2008, 04:45 PM

False! We built a very basic haunted house for a client in Mexico. I bought a few things from Unit 70, a couple things Scareparts he had laying around and a couple things from Scarefactory.

That project was completed and shipped back in September.

Only recently did we install it. Keith has not done any major projects for me since Kennywood back last winter. I did hire him to build 2 animations for the new Darkness 2009 Transworld show.

Over the summer he made some vac form panels for me but no other product.

Everyone I've talked to got everything they ordered from him this past summer. Appears he owes you some stuff from way back when... I hope he gets that resolved with you pronto, but I'm not the reason you are not getting anything.


Mr Nightmarez
11-26-2008, 06:26 AM
It's just another excuse. I finally cashed his check - but I still need the controller power supply and pressure pad for my Theed, not to mention the other 2 Chainsaw Blades I still don't have... His check covered the other static props and my GHOULITZER that I really - really wanted... but I've written it off as another dead beat vendor.

I would love to buy some of the vac form walls, but I will not do business w/ Scare Parts again until he can prove a 2 year streak of no complaints. I even received another e-mail from someone wanting Keith's # and address because he still owes them....

I hope Keith can bounce back - but he has a lot to prove to me and others.

Good Luck. And I truly hope he can hire a responsible person to manage the company while he focuses on the end result. He has proven he can't manage the company.

Mistress DeSade
01-07-2009, 09:04 PM
I beg to differ with you Larry, that everyone has been taken care of. I'm still not whole-but this time I'll hire an attorney. I'm also formally protesting Keith's presence on an "advisory board" for transworld-and I'm seriously considering buying booth space at TW to personally share my experiences (and photos) of the business dealings I've had with Keith. There's the downside to pissing off a terminally ill haunter. I don't have much else to lose-but I will be DAMNED if I don't get the message out about this shameful excuse for a vendor. Oh yes...we may just drag defamation claims in at this point also-I've been told he's lying to people to somehow twist his theft into MY fault. I don't think so.

Kathryn DeSautell

01-08-2009, 11:18 AM
Hang in there Kathryn. Krama is a bitch and by the looks of it there is plenty heading Keiths way. I still dont know why Larry would stand up for him besides the fact he kisses Larry's ass, but thats for another thread. If their is anything you need from any of us haunters just let us know!

Hope to see ya at St. Louis so I can put a face to the posts

03-22-2009, 03:56 PM
Sorry Larry - I purchased around 18,000 from Keith. The walls came fast. I also ordered a Helevator and car. The car came after many lies our 3rd weekend of opening. Keith said he would have the elevator there the next day. Next day came and went without even a call. I went to his shop a week after that to check on the elevator. He was not there but he had a worker there. He did not have anything in his shop that resembled an elevator or even a bolt or screw to go to one. His worker said they had no knowledge of building an elevator for any client.

I knew then.... that he took my money with the knowledge that he would never build an elevator.

He probally took my money and paid the sucker before me off. I was still was a nice guy. Why? I want my product or money back. I have not posted a thing on here about it because of Larry. I had a freakin Bell Hop actor the entire season without an elevator!!!!!

He has started to pay me off but its a week before St. Louis and he still owes a bunch. Now that I am not nice to him he tries to switch it around like its my fault. This guy is just no good period..........I gave him his second chance. I had a problem with him in 03 and just kept it to myself.

No more Mr. Nice Guy

Jolly Pumpkin
03-23-2009, 01:11 PM
Wow, this guy Keith doesn't seem like He has a conscience. He only keeps promises to haunts He knows that if He crosses will ruin his shady business. When will this guy learn that it's not okay to take advantage of people? If I ordered a prop from this guy and didn't receive anything I would drive down to where He works and demand answers and my money back.

This just isn't right and people who stand up for him are just as bad as him. When is He going to ever take responsibility for what He's done to others and how He's made other vendors look bad in the haunt industry. The Halloween and Haunt Vendors Association needs to stand up and take action against Keith. I have no clue if He's part of the association, but if He is He should be banned for life.

A list needs to be created for dead beat vendors that's available on the Halloween and Haunt Vendors Association's website. To top if off this guy has the nerve to show his face at tradeshows and conventions and even have a booth advertising his shady business. How pathetic can you be? This guy represents everything that is bad in the haunt industry. I'm not even a buyer of props and I'm this irritated at Keith. I can't imagine the people who's lives have been effected by this dead beat vendor.

Keith can I give you some advice? Give it up. You're not for the haunt industry. You're against it. You don't deserve to be apart of this industry because you give anyone who is involved rather it be vendors, haunters, actors, etc a bad name. No one has sympothy for you because you've screwed over so many people in the industry that it's not even funny. People need to stop sticking up for this guy once and for all and boycott Scareparts.

04-01-2009, 08:08 AM
Not to worry he did'nt show at Trans-world but had some one else there pettling his stuff. So now they can take the blame for his bad business practices...

04-01-2009, 11:30 AM
I dont understand what happened.... wasnt it all good with Scareparts just a couple years back ?? I mean hell they were a big sponsor of MHC. Keith and the gang ( from an outside point of view ) wer kicking -ass then he moved everything to Cleveland to end up in a nose dive. Were they doing this bad in Columbus ?? If they were they must have been good at covering it all up. ( DAMN ) man, I can remember the zombie band, and all the cool stuff they were coming up with.

I guess I still fail to realize what happened.... I understand it can happen... and can happen fast ... but, how do you get out of a nose dive when this does happen ?? I mean... thats allot of money ... if you add it all up he's really in a no win situation at this point. I for one always liked talking to Keith, I atleast ( thought ) he was a descent person..... but then again I have been know to be gullable.

Mr Nightmarez
04-20-2009, 12:04 PM
I believe Keith was poor in his business plan. Spending outweighed the output of props.

#1 From what I know: Keith moved the facilities expecting his staff to follow - fully trained staff did not move - therefore Keith was left training new people.

#2 He took too many orders and did not weigh the fact he could only produce "SO MANY" by himself and an untrained staff.

#3 The crap he sent me was that - C R A P - and the rest - still have yet to see... much less the controller and parts etc. - Yes I did finally get a check but still missing almost $1,000 in stuff - Which from what I hear is much less than everyone else -

#4 Lies

I liked and believed Keith also - so I was a bad judge or the guy got hit with a huge bad luck streak and tried to lie his way out and yes...even that failed.

Scare Parts had been in business a long time - but I believe several factors hit at once and that ended it. I guess the key here is knowing what you can do and managing your money a bit better. It happens to the best of us... but seemingly Keith still owes a lot to the haunt community. And having Nightscream carrying his walls has made me even leary of them...

06-04-2009, 08:43 PM
Its been 8 months and Keith still has not paid. Will be startng the court process soon.


10-29-2015, 01:39 PM
It's funny how Shane blasted people like this for not paying their bills but he owes Unit 70 a bunch of money and refuses to pay. Can you say hypocrite? Admits owing the money, knows he owes the money, took the product, used the product just didn't pay for the product.

Its shameful!

Also wondering if anyone knows a new contact for Keith



10-29-2015, 04:56 PM