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CreepingMenace Studios
05-21-2008, 04:51 PM
Hey guys,

I'm a new haunter, just started working on my first ever home haunt for the 2008 season, and am totally psyched. It'll be a lot of work, but it will be a dream come true, as I am sure it is for most of you.

In the mean time, if your interested in getting to know a little bit more about my Creeping Menace Studios and what we do, then please check out our webpage, where we have horror and sci-fi movie reviews (plus books, and anime, as well), and the archives of our new horror podcast CREEPING MENACE RADIO, which is our way of celebrating Halloween all year long:


Also, I am co-writer for an excellent new movie review website hosted by my friend, and scholar, Jorge Lopez. If you like your movies with guts, and plenty of them, with a dash of nudity thrown in, then check out his great site:


I will be starting a page on my yard haunt on Creeping Menace soon, the tentative name is "NICODEMUS'S TWILIGHT DOOM". You see Nicodemus is our mascot, he's a zombie with a rather daper top hat.

Anyway, hope to make your acqauintances on the boards soon.


05-22-2008, 08:57 AM
Hey welcome aboard! You'll like it here. This is a great site to get hint's, tips, and help.

05-27-2008, 05:53 PM
Bonjour! I'd love to see the pictures of how your first haunt turns out!