View Full Version : Friday night rained out!

10-29-2006, 08:22 AM
Well, it rained all day Friday with a 100% chance of hard rain all night. So at 6:00pm I called the cast and decided to close. 7:00 it quit raining and the skies cleared up, I ran to the entrance of the campground and got there at 7:30 (our usual opening time) and they were lined up down the highway.

I turned away probably thousands of dollars of business by 9:00pm. I gave everyone some $1.00-off coupons and pleaded for them to return the rest of the run. Even if the staff had been there, we had about 2 inches of water in the haunted house itself. I was so depressed, because we've had bad weather all season and lower numbers than last year.

Good News! We broke our attendance record last night. We closed the ticket booth at 11:10 and finished getting them all through by 12:30. The cast was kicking ass, and everybody was running our screaming, clapping, or trying to breathe.

Best show we've ever had, great cast, not a single complaint this year except for a 65+ year old woman hauled off and punched Justin, our bed-bug (guy comes up out of a bed) because he was scaring her and her grandaughter.

OK you'rre saying "that's what a haunted house does". After delivering a few F-bombs and a right hook to Justins temple, she raced out of the haunted house. I tried to stop her and get her license number, but she was roaring out of the parking lot yelling more obscenities.

As a grandchild, I would be more emotionally scarred by seeing my grandmother punching people out and hearing her swearing like an Irish musician.

Long story short... we made buttloads of cash Saturday, finally. This year might catch up if we have good weather through Halloween.

BTW if you are closed for some reason, post it on your website, stating when you'll re-open, and be there if people show up and give them a coupon or something. They'll come back if you ask them to. Our's did.