View Full Version : Attention Vendors #2

05-22-2008, 04:42 PM
Okay many of you have signed up... couple things!

1) MANY OF YOUR ARE NOT putting in your photos, or adding your videos from You Tube or uploading your banners or logos.

Do you not understand how to do this or what? Let me know.

Post your questions and I will try to answer them.

2) I just started uploading banners for people who actually advertised in the magazine... if you don't see your banner rotating around that means I don't have your banner.


a) 468x60 banner gif or jpeg
b) url to your website
c) name that banner after your company like spookywoodfx48x60banner.jpeg or something like that.

Send that banner to me directly: darkrides@sbcglobal.net

If you did NOT advertise in the last magazine don't send me your banner, if you advertised in the last magazine but don't plan to renew your banner again no point...if you're NOT a current magazine advertiser then we're not adding your banner to the rotation. This benefit is ONLY for those who advertise in the magzine.

So end me those banners TODAY!

3) People keep asking me who gets to the top of each section... right now for some reason the newest sign up goes to the top. I'm fixing that... but here will be the newest policy.

I PERSONALLY will rank them based on the following...

a) most relevant. Yes many are listed in several categories and some are more relevant than others so I will personally move you up or move you down based on your companies relevance to that category.

b) If you're a magazine advertiers you will get moved up ahead of everyone else period!

c) People who signed have more conent on their profile will move ahead of listings with no content in their profile. In other words one guy has videos, photos and others don't you'll move ahead of them. We are trying to provide our guests the best information... so if you don't have any content we'll move you lower than those who do. So get that content added.

4) We are adding more categories... do you have any more suggestions?

We're adding: On Line Ticketing, Concession Supplies, and Glow Products soon. We can add others if we're offered suggestions.

5) Some of you are adding your company to sections that yo do not belong and you know you don't belong... when someone reports this or complains or if I catch this I will remove your listings from those sections. If you sell glow products don't say you sell animations just for the extra listing.

C'mon now...just an example.

Let's get this going because I'm going to do a MASSIVE promotion of this page.


I think we have about 100 companies now, or something like that.

We plan on having 400 plus.


05-22-2008, 08:09 PM
Hey Larry,

I assume you are aware of the problem if you click on “View all” under Most Recent Photo Gallery Updates & Most Recent Video Uploads that you can’t get to the other pages or under videos the graphics are gone and when to click on the view video it goes to a page that says “There is nothing that matches "19".

Another weird thing is the company info when you open your listing see below. It looks like it put the category in where the state should be.

Presents Monster-Tronics
11730 Marshall Rd,
South Lyon
Props/Latex Monsters 48178

05-22-2008, 08:12 PM
No I was not aware but thanks for telling me!

I need more feedback from everyone.

THIS WILL ALWAYS BE A FREE system for the WHOLE industry. We will add this system to all of our websites and will continue to support the vendors in this industry.

I just need a little help from you guys...when you run across these things tell me. Thanks a ton Jeff.