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Rex B. Hamilton
05-28-2008, 10:13 PM
Rex B. Hamilton looks forward to meeting you this weekend at the Great Lakes Fright Fest

May 28, 2008

Greetings, Fellow Haunters:

For us in the Midwestern portion of the country, this coming weekend is a kickoff party of sorts for the 2008 series of regional haunt conventions. To wit: The Great Lakes Fright Fest takes place in Petersburg, Michigan, about 9 miles North of the Ohio/Michigan state line beginning on Friday the 30th.

The Web site is: http://www.greatlakesfrightfest.com/

It is true that TransWorld in Vegas had its fun moments back in March. Reports have it that HauntCon in Houston was a reason to make a commendable note in one’s diary.

Ahead of us are such notable gatherings as Midwest Haunters Convention kicking off on Friday, June 13th and Ironstock on the weekend of June 28-29. In between, around and about, look for other events sponsored by annual stalwarts in the haunt biz.

But back to where I came from: Great Lakes Fright Fest (GLFF) presents all of us with the most casual of weekends. The Fest is a nice chance for you to bring your entire family to a haunted activity that should cost you nothing more than the price of renting your camping/rv-ing space. The show is held at a professional campground called Totem Pole Park.

All attendees to the GLFF are encouraged to bring something ordinary for breakfast and lunch (please see the Web site for what’s still needed) and also something special for the grand pot-luck blowout on Saturday evening. I will bring a big bag of Fritos scoops for folks to nosh on during the morning and afternoon. For the Saturday pot-luck bash I will bring a side dish I made earlier this evening called a “corn dump.” Fluffy and I think that the recipe originally came from The Akron Beacon-Journal newspaper.

Your mileage may vary. The GLFF is a weekend of complete abnormality when it comes to the haunt racket. There are but a few rules. One of those few rules is to be very, very nice to the show’s producer, Kkrazy Kkaren Taylor.

Classes are held throughout the day on Saturday. Work teams work like demons on their scenes in order to get the haunt ready for Saturday night. Here and there, people simply drop out of the weekend’s compressed schedule and sit around for an hour or three and simply yak at each other over a few dozen adult beverages. Teenage-kids run around all day like crazy fools playing football, basketball, soccer, whatever. Then they act like pros in the professional, open-to-the public haunt that funs for a few hours on Saturday evening.

I’ll be there from late Friday evening until early Sunday afternoon. I hope to share giggalicious times with you all.

I will write you again in a week or two, and let you know how the coming weekend transpired.

Very truly yours,

Rex B. Hamilton

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