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06-11-2008, 09:03 PM
Hello Haunters,

I just got off the phone with Rusty from SPFX Masks. He informed me of the following:

MHC, this weekend, is the ONLY place for you to see, UP CLOSE, and IN PERSON, the Real U and SPFX Silicone Masks with the Hair option and Super Detail.

RFR Radio has been kind enough to be the host booth to check these awesome babies out. Stop by and see all these great, affordable masks. Show models will be available for purchase. If you stop by early and purchase, you can be one of the lucky few to leave the show with a great mask IN HAND. Orders will also be taken. There are only going to be a few of these show models available on a first come, first served basis. Some of these are already spoken for.

We, at Tombstone Productions, have already reserved the show model Clown Mask because we are so pleased with the detail and quality of SPFX's work. We already own the Vampire and the Old Man mask. Both have served us well and we are happy to be adding the Clown and a custom Zombie to our collection.

Also available at the MHC show, from the new REAL U line, a line a the most realistic sculpts to date will be: "Sarge", "The InBred", "The Elder", and "The Player" (the first African American silicon mask available). Both lines have matching hands of medical grade silicon available. Rusty is adding piercings, hair and eyebrows to many of the existing masks to update and improve his line.

Stop by the booth at MHC to check out all the neat masks from a great guy who has always maintained customer satisfaction and high quality as the principles of his business. If you purchase one of these masks, they are sure to improve your haunt.

I have had one of the best experiences of over 17 years in the Haunt industry with Rusty. He is one vendor I will highly recommend to others. Hope to see you all at the RFR Radio booth, checking out the SPFX and Real U lines.

Dan Augusto
Tombstone Productions

P.S. Please understand, I do NOT work for Rusty, nor is he a personal friend. I am just so pleased with his product, his customer service, and his approachability, I just felt I needed to share my positive experience. With all the negativity toward vendors out there, in this industry, I felt I needed to share my great experiences with everyone. After all the great service and products Rusty has provided me, I felt that the least I could do for him was give him a plug. I hope all who buy from him are as happy as I am with his products.