View Full Version : Styrofoam-Big Blocks For Sale

06-12-2008, 07:07 PM
I have a bunch of big blocks of fiberglass reinforced styrofoam that I
need to sell ASAP. They were used as flotation for docks on the river.
I tried heating up a piece of wire to cut one, and it went through like
a hot knife through butter, so I think regular hot wire cutters would
work well. Since they (feel like they) have fiberglass in them, long
sleeves and gloves would be needed for handling them.

They're approx. 35"x90"x16" minimum, and are an inch or two larger than
that in places. The reason for the irregularity is that the portions of
them that were under water eroded a bit, probably because of the traces
of fuel in the water. The erosion would actually be a plus for some
people, because it looks a lot like old rotten stone. With washes of
gray paint, it'd look awesome.

They have some nicks here and there. They have pieces of threaded rod
running through them that were used to attach
them to the docks. They can be slipped out easily if desired.

There are 16 blocks, one of which is broken in half.

I priced styrofoam sheet at Home Depot, and figured that for the same
volume as these blocks, the price would be $145.03 per block. That's
not including the adhesive, time, and trouble to assemble sheets into
blocks. I'm offering these individually for $45 per block, or $600 for
all of them.

There are pics of one block here:


I'm in southern Indiana, just west of Louisville, KY.